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DC.creatorChih-chiang Huangen_US
DC.descriptionNational Central Universityen_US
dc.description.abstract由於近年來電子產業蓬勃發展,網路的興起,從50年代的傳統代工,70年代的仿冒品,90年代的ODM.OEM,到今已經開始轉向自由品牌的地步,電子技術的進步與社會科學的變更也改變了民眾的生活習慣,電視已經成為家庭必需品之一,這幾年來LED 電視大量興起,市場變動快速,加上世界各國的電視規格不統一,所以在系統上也有較大的區隔,台灣是一個很典型的電子業製造王國,全球電視的製造商年產量約在兩億台,超過一半的數量是由台灣廠商生產製造,而2013年電視出貨量將在預估在成長20%。 但是由於中國代工市場的勞動薪資增加,電視的進入門檻越來越低,雖然台灣企業有良好電子基礎與製造管理的強項,如果產品或技術不具創新的話,依然無法抵擋大陸企業與韓國企業有國家支持的後盾,面臨代工毛利下滑的影響,許多企業開始紛紛轉型由ODE轉向自由品牌,發展自我價值的空間,開始進入品牌的行銷市場,來為創造出自我的價值空間。 個案公司在2005年轉投資北美自由品牌增加拓展業務,主要原因也是在ODM的銷售已經到了盡頭,經過兩年努力,鎖定目標客戶族群以低單價高品質的產品推廣,在2007年以榮獲北美銷售第一名,市占率高達21%左右,證明了在量化的市場中還是以低價高品質效應為主,2008年在蘇州與韓國企業共同合作成立合資公司,將進行上下游的垂直整合,做到供應鏈中JIT的方式,來有效的掌控供應鏈的環結。 本案以研究個案企業所採用研發流程管理系統,確保在核心競爭力的生命週期如何延長,找出研發模式如何提升效率供企業參考,如何管理讓研發階段的流程可以加快速度,提高品質穩定性,在問題發生時的管控機制效應,物料的供給時效性,來更有效率的推廣到市場中,創造時間價值與企業回歸顧客本質為目的。 因為大多數的公司在Schedule與Product SPEC 往往會發生拖延或是隨時變更規格,容易造成客戶與企業的困擾,如個案公司在台灣研發設計,在美國投資自由品牌商的通路,又與韓國合資企業為加工廠,這三家公司要如何去發展一套完整的協同開發與協同設計的系統,讓整個在研發管理流程上將會有更進一步的突破,如果在加上產品的共通性的整合,縮短整體的研發時間與材料共通性,有效的即時推廣在市場上銷售,將可以帶來更大的效應。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractAccording to the rapidly development of the electronic industry and the growth of internet in these years, the market is turning to own-brand business from the three generations the traditional manufacturer in 1950s’, the product imitation in 1970s’ and ODM/OEM model in 1990s’. It is no doubt the improvement of electronic technology and the shift of social society have changed human’s life behavior alike TV. Right now, TV is appeared in each family and becomes the one of necessary in our spare time. In the current year, TV has been in emerging dramatically. But, its’ specification presents in differentiation by each country due to the national policy and regulation. As Taiwan is the giant of high-tech manufacturers in the world, around fifty percent TV are produced by Taiwan compared to the annual worldwide output at two-hundred million units. We estimate the production quantity will grow up to 20% in 2013. As for China labor salary and welfare cost increasing, the entry level for making TV has become easing. No matter what strengths of Taiwan enterprises have as health electrical infrastructure or good production management, it is easily defeated by China and the South Korea enterprises which fully supported by the governments if our product and technical skill are not innovative. In the face of the poor profit margin in manufactory, more Taiwanese enterprises seeks the business transforming from ODM/OEM model to own-brand in stance of the self-value development. The era to start the branding promotion and marketing convicts self-developing zoom. To see the ODM business is getting worse, the case we study is which company invests its’ self-branding for the Northern America market and to seek new business opportunity. After two-year effort, own-brand product shipment is top one in the Northern America in 2007, the market share is approximately 21%. Their market strategy is clear, good product quality with lower reselling price to end customers. From the result, it also proofs the fair price with good quality is the major market in the consumer field. According to that, a joint-venture company between this company and Korean enterprise is established in Suzhou in 2008. The purpose of this new company is to ensure the supply chain integration from up to downstream in order to ally "Just-in-Time" policy. Each link among supply chain can be also well-control. This article is about the research and development control system through this company, and then to ensure the lifetime of core competency can be continuous. Moreover, to find out how to increase efficiency from the R&D model for enterprises’ reference. Come with stable and systematical management, it can shorten the R&D flow, speed up R&D developing duration, reliable product quality at stability level to meet customer need. Once issue happened at end market, the control system and feedback procedure, material supply on-time are vital for WIN-WIN mode between enterprise and customer. Most company schedule delayed and product spec changed all the time, it caused trouble to company and customers For example, Market is brand company, Case enterprises is R&D office, factory is manufacturer, they need a system which coordinated researching and processing, make R&D management process has step-in breakthrough. Moreover, If integrate the production commonness, push and sell into market in time, it will bring greater prosperity and opportunity.en_US
DC.subjectelectronic industryen_US
DC.publisherNational Central Universityen_US

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