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DC.creatorLily C.F. Fanen_US
DC.descriptionNational Central Universityen_US
dc.description.abstract海上貨物運送是人類所使用最普遍且便利的運送方式,近年來全世界海盜攻擊事件日益增加,索馬利亞海盜攻擊挾持船舶、貨物或船員,要求船東支付鉅額贖金,才釋放所挾持的財貨或人員。活躍於索馬利亞海域的海盜不斷的給過往的商船造成威脅。聯合國安理會授權各國使用海陸空力量,在索馬利亞政府同意的前提下,上岸或者利用空襲打擊索馬利亞海盜。各國政府力量的介入一定程度上遏制了海盜行為,但因索馬利亞海盜行為而產生的一系列國際法上的問題仍然困擾著各國產學界。海盜贖金問題即是其值得關注的議題。以往海盜劫持船舶基本上都是搶劫貨物及船上的現有財產,並可能對船上人員進行人身傷害,但索馬利亞海盜呈現出不同的特徵。他們僅僅扣留船隻、貨物和船上人員以索取相應贖金,並不對船貨及船員安全造成損害。這種形式的海盜行為與現有的國際法律制度不符,使得海盜贖金最後各方如何償付及分攤成為爭論焦點。 本研究,首先為海盜下定義。因現行海盜的定義分歧,而陳舊的定義致使國際法庭無法懲治罪犯,也是導致海盜亂象無法消彌的原因之一,透過定義的介紹去對海盜做初步的認識。接續章,以經濟的角度切入,介紹不同面向的海盜角色,以及海盜在世界經濟的一席,也介紹新興行業--武裝警衛如何發揮其效用、成功遏阻海盜活動,並提供現行國際上法律限制的配套方案。接著開啟獨立一章,介紹索馬利亞海盜,從其民族組成、經濟背景,去窺探這個特殊的海盜活動,並領頭認識經濟學家的有趣研究,去發現索馬利亞海盜與城市發展的影響。最後則為主力研究,對索馬利亞海盜贖金進行了分解,將其分割為船舶贖金、貨物贖金以及人員贖金三個部分,並逐一探討各部分贖金支付的必要性,且針對海盜贖金的性質做了深入的剖析,將其與單獨海損、共同海損以及海難救助相比較,找出它們之間的異同之處,再著重探討索馬利亞海盜贖金的可能解決方法,在現有保險法律制度基礎上提出了保賠保險和政府機構承保的新構想,希望能夠為索馬利亞海盜贖金問題的解決提供理論支持。本研究特色在於經濟與法律雙管的切入,藉由多面向的討論,去認識海盜問題以尋求解決之道。 zh_TW
dc.description.abstractShipping transport is the most popular and convenient way to transport cargo. The piracy activities around the world substantially increase in recent years. Somali Pirates attack ships and hijack the ship, cargo and crew. These properties can be returned only after ship owner pay for huge ransom. The pirates in Somalia are threatening to the passing ships. The UN Security Council has adopted a resolution for all the nations to use their armed forces to solve the issues of Somali pirates. The countries can adopt all possible means including land or air force to do that with the permission of Somalia government. Though the involvement of government has successfully driven out the Somali pirates of the dangerous sea area to a certain extent, a series of problems on international law caused by Somali pirates affected the industrial and academic parts in many countries. Piracy ransom was the most concern issue of the world. In the past, pirates hijacked ship to rob the goods or existing property in the ship, and they may hurt the crew. Somali pirate owns the different characteristics. They simply withhold ship, cargo and crew to obtain ransom without doing damage to the ship, cargo and crew. The discrepancy between the form of piracy and the existing international law system makes Somali piracy ransom become focal issues. The research begins at the definition of pirates. Since there are different old definitions applied, the international court has no way to punish the crime and which indirectly encourages the pirates to work. Secondly, the introduction of pirate economics is made to the different roles of pirates that recorded in the history. A new business of armed guards of the vessel is introduced to know how it functions and how it hits the Somali pirates. The restrictions of arm guards are also be in the discussion. Following with an independent chapter, to introduce the Somali Pirates by the races and domestic economy etc. and review the paper of economists to study the interaction between the Somali pirates and their cities. The final chapter will be the key part of this research. It analyzes the formation of the Somali piracy ransom, and divided it into three parts: ship ransom, goods ransom and people ransom. Then it discusses the necessity of ransom’s payments in details. The analysis is the foundation to compare the piracy ransom with particular average, general average and maritime salvage. Then it focuses on the possible solutions of piracy ransom. It put forward the tentative idea that P&I club and government agencies will play a role in apportioning piracy ransom in the existing insurance law system. It will be expected to provide theoretical support to solve the problem of Somali piracy ransom. This study is different from the past. The point of views from the economic and legal sides will be applied. By various issues, we could know the pirates more and could then find the best solution for the Somalia pirate activities.en_US
DC.subjectPirate economicsen_US
DC.subjectSomali piratesen_US
DC.subjectGeneral Averageen_US
DC.subjectMarine insuranceen_US
DC.title索馬利亞海盜之經濟與法律問題研究 —以海盜贖金為中心zh_TW
DC.titleA study of Economic and Legal aspects of Somali Piracy: Focus on Pirates’ Ransomen_US
DC.publisherNational Central Universityen_US

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