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DC.creatorWen-Chin Chenen_US
DC.descriptionNational Central Universityen_US
dc.description.abstract中文摘要 產品是企業的命脈。推動產品環境化設計的綠色產品是企業永續經營的不二法門。世界企業永續發展委員會 (WBCSD) 倡導以生態效益作為企業永續發展的評估指標;而產品生態設計 (Ecodesign) 是引導企業進入生態效益的機會。 在生態效益評估框架下,本研究從兩個面向探討,首先,產品優越的功能或服務價值的積極效率,其中包含決策的各種標準的特點,以層級分析法 (AHP) 對產品的功能屬性進行分析與探討,二,則是產品所帶來的環境負荷評估,由於產品生命週期的每個階段具多種環境負荷之特性,以產品生命週期的評估軟體評估,符合法規及涵蓋層面廣的資料庫,皆使之成為生態效益評估的基礎架構。 從蒐集耳機產品功能屬性中,客觀評估篩選建立外觀、使用性、功能性、進階需求、價格等五大構面,以及配戴方式、重量、體積、材質、驅動單體、阻抗、靈敏度、售價、產品行銷訴求、頻率響應、調整機制、產品造型、抗噪程度、藍芽無線、收納及包裝、物料成本等十六項功能屬性。 專家問卷製作並進行專家問卷調查,蒐集有效問卷以AHP計算出其量化值,又以較為客觀方式進行標準化計算,五大構面加權評分之加總,得耳機產品綜合功能評估值,為產品生態效益架構之分子,而分母以PRé SimaPro軟體進行耳機產品生命週期之分析。在此過程中,圖表顯示了相關產品材料,製造工藝,運輸包裝及其回收利用的環境影響; 最後,使用簡單的除法計算,以獲得產品的生態效率值; 還將比較分析應用於案例研究耳機。 企業大量生產產品未重複使用資源,對地球來說是資源浩劫,生產更多的廢棄物,越來越多的企業重視此問題,解決這個問題有兩個策略:一是減少使用材料、能源,且雖然有越來越高效能源技術,但只能減緩資源耗盡的時間,現行重複使用、減少消耗、回收再利用亦只是減少破壞,而另一策略是重新思考製造方式,有效益的使用材料,並藉由提升品質生產出卓越的產品,將垃圾和廢料轉化成材料。 產品生命週期的評估,不在只是從「搖籃到墳墓」,而是「搖籃到搖籃」。企業因創新的產品,與一般市場有了區隔;不僅降低成本、增加獲利,著實產品設計概念,引導企業持續發展。zh_TW
dc.description.abstract Abstract Product is the lifeblood of enterprises. The only way to sustainable business is to promote the environmental design of green products. The World Enterprise Sustainable Development Committee (WBCSD) advocate eco-efficiency to be the evaluation index of an enterprise sustainable development; and product eco-design (Ecodesign) is the opportunity of leading the enterprise into the eco-efficiency environment. Under the Eco-efficiency assessment framework, this study explores in two aspects. First, the positive efficiency of a product′s superior function or service value, which contains the characteristic of various criteria in decision-making, and utilize the analytic hierarchy process (AHP) to study and analyze the function attributes of the product. Second, the assessment of the environmental impact to the product, due to the nature of environmental impact in each stage during the product life cycle, using the product life cycle software to evaluate, in line with the legal regulation and broad range of database, can all become the assessment infrastructure of the Eco-efficiency. The collection of Headset functional attributes needs to establish objective evaluation of the screened assessment as follows. Appearance, usability, functionality, advanced demand, price five major facets; as well as Wearing Style, Weight, Volume, Material, Driver monomer, Impedance, Sensitivity, Sales Price, Product Marketing Appeal, Frequency Response, Adjustment Mechanism, Product Modeling, Anti-noise Level, Bluetooth Wireless, Storage and Packaging, and Material Costs sixteen functional attributes. Produce expert questionnaire and perform expert questionnaire survey, collect valid questionnaires to calculate its quantitative value with Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP). In addition, objectively proceed standardize calculation, and the total of the weighted score of the Five major Facets, to obtain the Headset product comprehensive function evaluation value; the Headset product comprehensive function evaluation value is the Numerator of Eco-efficiency framework. The Denominator is the use of PRé SimaPro software to perform headset product life cycle analysis. In the process, the chart illustrate the environmental effect of related products’ materials, manufacturing processes, transport packaging and its recycling usage; at last, using the simple Division calculation to obtain the Product ecological efficiency value; also apply Comparative analysis to the case study headsets.   Enterprises produce mass products but not recycle any of the resources, and create tremendous litter. This becomes a disaster to the earth resources. More and more companies paid their attention to this issue. There are two strategies to resolve this issue: the first one is to reduce the use material, energy, although there are more and more high efficient energy technologies, however, this can only slow down the time line of exhausted the resources. The current practice of resource re-use, reduce consumption, and recycling is only to minimize the damage. Another strategy is to rethink the method of manufacturing, the efficiency of using materials, and by improving the quality to create superior products, transform the litter and waste become material. Product life cycle assessment is not just from “Cradle to Grave”, but from “Cradle to Cradle”. Enterprises, by its innovative products, segregated from the general market; not only reduces cost, increase profits, but also Implement the product design concept, and lead the enterprise to sustainable development.en_US
DC.subjectLife-cycle assessmenten_US
DC.subjectEnterprise sustainable developmenten_US
DC.titleUtilizing Eco-efficiency to Develop a Sustainable Headset Industry.en_US
DC.publisherNational Central Universityen_US

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