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DC.creatorYong-Qi Tangen_US
DC.descriptionNational Central Universityen_US
dc.description.abstract物理教學和學習在這十年間並沒有多大的變化。儘管現在為了激勵學生們學習,有不少老師應用了多種的資訊科技如:增強現實等。但單靠模擬出來的物件似乎無法將學習內容融入學生的日常生活。在物理學科中,學生也因為無法在傳統的教學方法中持續學習而少有成就。但可持續性和認知方面的學習可以保持學生的理解和記憶。本研究旨在調查教師反饋對學生學習行為和學習成績的影響。通過在學生的討論中進行教師反饋,我們想調查是否教師在可持續性和認知陳述方面的反饋是否會影響學生?哪些對學生的表現影響更大?我們設計了一個名為 U-Physics 的應用程式,它是一個學習輔助系統,可以幫助使用者學習摩擦係數和斜面加速度的關係。本計畫的參與者是一所職業高中的一年級學生們,我們將他們分成兩組,一組提供教師反饋,另一組則沒有。希望他們可以通過使用 U-Physics 應用程式來增強他們的理解。在實驗過程中,我們帶著他們在教室裡、公園外和家裡進行了實驗。同時,我們安排學生們在每個主題的活動中與隊友或班上同學們一起進行討論。在這些活動中,一組將在他們進行實驗和討論時提供老師反饋,例如,建議,回應和問題,而另一組則沒有。利用討論和教師反饋來提高學生的學習行為表現,維持他們對物理的概念和學習動機。結果呈現實驗組的表現和成就顯著優於對照組。這表明學生可以通過 U-Physics 應用程式和教師反饋來提高他們的學習成績。學習行為有顯著意義,表明學生可以通過不斷練習、衡量和解決問題來提高他們的表現。並且透過調節分析發現調節作用存在於教師反饋與學生評論之中,這說明教師的認知性回饋與學生在物理的認知水平上存有交互作用。討論與教師反饋可以促進學生的表現是被證實的,在本研究中,我們進一步分析學生評論和教師反饋對學習的認知程度和可持續性。我們發現教師的認知反饋可以進一步影響學生的認知水平。此外,許多研究已經表明移動學習在教育中是有意義的,但在物理學科中較少談論,特別是同時結合真實語境和討論。在這項研究中,我們透過U-Physics系統並在真實環境中進行討論。同學們可以在完成實驗後或遭遇問題時立即在討論區發表評論;這表明學生能在活動中進行討論,為他們解決問題帶來了很好的選擇。同時傳達了一個訊息,即使用移動設備學習物理並在不同情境中進行討論是可以接受且有用的。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractPhysics teaching and learning doesn’t have big change in current decade. Although many information technologies like augmented reality applied in teaching to motivate student to learn, but these simulated objects seem can’t connect into student’s daily-life. Student also used to get little achievement from physics subject because they cannot sustain their learning in traditional teaching method. Learning in sustainability and cognition can keep student’s understanding and memorizing. This study aims to investigate the influence of teacher feedback to student’s learning behaviors and learning achievement. By implementing teacher feedback on student’s discussions, we are going to find whether teacher feedback in sustainability and cognitive statements can influence student and which influence student’s performance more. We designed a mobile system called U-Physics and it is a learning assisted application that can assist user to learn relationships in friction coefficient and acceleration of an inclined plane. The participants were in first grade that come from a vocational high school, and we divide them into two groups, one group assisted with teacher feedback, another not. Hopefully they can enhance their understand by using the U-Physics app. In experiment procedure, we took them conducted experiments inside classroom and outside in the park and at home. Meanwhile, we developed student to have discussion with their peers in each topic of activities. In these activities, one group will supply with teacher feedback like, suggestions, responding and questions during they were conducting the experiment and discussion, and the other no. Utilize discussions and teacher feedback to increase student’s performance on learning behaviors, sustain their physics concepts and learning motivation. The result shows the experimental group had significant performance and achievement than the control group. It indicates that students can increase their learning achievement with U-Physics app and teacher feedback. There are significant in learning behaviors, shows students can enhance their performance by continually practicing, measuring and solving problems. In correlation of teacher feedback and student comment, there’s moderation effect found in this study, shows teacher feedback in cognition is interacted with student’s cognition level in physics knowledge. As we know discussion and teacher feedback can facilitate student’s performance, in this study we further analysis student’s comment and teacher feedback in both cognition and sustainability. We find out that teacher feedback in cognition can interact on student’s comment in cognition. This can determine that teacher give student cognitive feedback can further influence to student’s cognition level. Moreover, many studies were already state that mobile learning in education is meaningful, but less talking in physics subject, especially combine with authentic contexts and discussion at the same time. In this study, discussion was conduct in authentic contexts using U-Physics app. Student can comment on discussion board immediately they finished an experiment or met on the problem; it shows that student can talk in discussion during activities brought them a good selection to solve on a problem. This conveys a message that using mobile to learn physics and discuses in cross contexts is acceptable and useful.en_US
DC.subjectPhysics Learningen_US
DC.subjectAuthentic Learningen_US
DC.subjectMobile Learningen_US
DC.subjectubiquitous learningen_US
DC.subjectUbiquitous Physics (U-Physics)en_US
DC.subjectTeacher Feedbacken_US
DC.titleInvestigation the Influence of Learning Cognition and Sustainability with teacher feedback in Cross Contextsen_US
DC.publisherNational Central Universityen_US

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