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DC.descriptionNational Central Universityen_US
dc.description.abstract2001年至2007年,中國GDP平均成長率超過10%,經濟成長快速受全世界矚目。中國自改革開放以來,因充沛的勞動力及廣大的內需市場,成為吸引最多台商投資的區域。隨著經濟的成長,國民所得快速提升,加上父母也願意提供孩子們更專業及優質的產品,嬰童產業隨之蓬勃發展。相較台灣因社會風氣及生活形態的改變,人口出生率屢創新低,嬰童產業呈現成熟及飽和狀態。本研究藉由個案公司透過相關文獻及資料的蒐集,探討中國市場的進入模式,及因應當地市場所採用的行銷策略。 藉由次級資料的蒐集及個案A公司高階主管的進一步訪談,瞭解嬰童產業是完全競爭市場,台灣嬰童產業因競爭因素也面臨空前的挑戰,瞭解了中國嬰童市場的潛力後,A公司希望能完全擁有自主權,搭配母公司的通路拓展,採完全獨資方式一步步奠立基礎來佔有市場。瞭解內外部環境做優劣勢探討後,訂定出A公司的行銷目標,在台灣成功經驗的基礎下,擬定A公司在中國發展的中長期行銷策略,並著手於4P策略的行銷組合方案,積極提升品牌知名度及擴大市場佔有率。產品策略上,A公司發展全系列產品,並有系統的延伸產品線,不但滿足客戶的需求,也滿足品牌全方位的定位。訂價策略上,嬰童用品為目的性購買,屬於低價格敏感度商品採認知價值訂價法,根據顧客對產品的認知價值作為訂價基礎。促銷策略上,嬰童用品屬於利基市場,必須選擇合適的媒體類型並定期檢視,才能達到預期效果。通路策略上,透過A公司集團的零售通路,深耕嬰童用品連鎖專賣店,透過零售面銷的方式,將產品直接銷售給消費者,及透過批銷系統經由省經銷再到市經銷,層層綿密的經銷網到達消費者手中。 本研究希望透過個案公司的探討,將A公司寶貴的實務經驗分享給相關的產業業者及學術界做參考,不論在市場需求面、行銷策略面、產品力控管及政府策略面皆提出研究建議,期待能提供給有意但尚未進軍中國市場業者有所幫助。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractChina’’s average growth rate from 2001 to 2005 exceeded 10%. The speed of its economic growth has drawn world-wide attention. Since opening up to economic reform, China’s plentiful labor force and enormous internal market demand has make it the most attractive area in the region for Taiwan overseas merchant investment. In the wake of this economic maturity and the speed of the increase in national income, parents are becoming more willing to purchase more specialized, top quality products for their children. This flourishing has led to much development in the infant products industry in China. In Taiwan, changes in social conduct and lifestyle attitudes, and the decreasing population birthrate, have caused the infant products industry to reach a state of saturation. In this study we discuss this issue. We use correlated data and a case study of one company to discuss entry into the Chinese market and sales tactics employed for coping with that local market. From the secondary data collected and interviews with high-level Company A management, we try to understand the step-by-step entry the competitive infant product market-place. There are unprecedented competitive challenges to be faced by Taiwan companies in the infant products market, but the potential of China’s market is vast. Company A hopes to exercise complete autonomy, and with the expansion of the parent company, funded by single venture capital, to establish step-by-by step a basic market presence. It is necessary to understand both the domestic and foreign situations and after exploring both good and bad, advantages and disadvantages, determine Company A’’s sales objectives. Then, based on the successful Taiwan experience, they formulate a medium and long-range sales strategy for development in China. Their 4P sales strategy includes energetic product promotion and brand name recognition to enlarge market share: 1. product strategy--Company A seeks to expand its product line with the aim of not only satisfying customer demands but also strengthening brand name recognition and market share; 2. price determination strategy—since infant products are low price susceptibility products, prices are determined on the basis of customer perceived value; 3. sales promotion tactics—since infant products belong to the benefit-based market, suitable types of media must be utilized for product promotion and inspection date made available to reach the anticipated effect; 4. distribution strategy—Company A’s retail route goes through infant product chain stores, retail outlet sales, direct sales to consumers, as well as wholesale sales, which allow the buyer to save on commission fees. The sales network is built up meticulously layer-by-layer until goods reach the hands of the consumers. It is hoped that the valuable practical experience gained from this case study can act as a resource to be shared with the relevant professionals, businessmen and academics in the industry. Whether in terms of market, marketing strategy, product management, or government strategy, all research recommendations are meant to offer meaningful, practical and effective assistance to business professional working in the Chinese market.en_US
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DC.title台灣嬰童用品品牌進入中國市場模式以及行銷策略探討 --以A公司為例zh_TW
DC.publisherNational Central Universityen_US

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