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(Parallel Numerical Simulation of 3D Non-Newtonian Flows through Eccentric Annuli with Rotational Inner-Cylinder)
★ 非線性塊狀高斯消去牛頓演算法在噴嘴流體的應用★ 以平行 Newton-Krylov-Schwarz 演算法解 Poisson-Boltzmann 方程式的有限元素解在膠體科學上的應用
★ 最小平方有限元素法求解對流擴散方程以及使用Bubble函數的改良★ Bifurcation Analysis of Incompressible Sudden Expansion Flows Using Parallel Computing
★ Parallel Jacobi-Davidson Algorithms and Software Developments for Polynomial Eigenvalue Problems in Quantum Dot Simulation★ An Inexact Newton Method for Drift-DiffusionModel in Semiconductor Device Simulations
★ Numerical Simulation of Three-dimensional Blood Flows in Arteries Using Domain Decomposition Based Scientific Software Packages in Parallel Computers★ A Parallel Fully Coupled Implicit Domain Decomposition Method for the Stabilized Finite Element Solution of Three-dimensional Unsteady Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations
★ A Study for Linear Stability Analysis of Incompressible Flows on Parallel Computers★ Parallel Computation of Acoustic Eigenvalue Problems Using a Polynomial Jacobi-Davidson Method
★ Numerical Study of Algebraic Multigrid Methods for Solving Linear/Nonlinear Elliptic Problems on Sequential and Parallel Computers★ A Parallel Multilevel Semi-implicit Scheme of Fluid Modeling for Numerical Low-Temperature Plasma Simulation
★ Performance Comparison of Two PETSc-based Eigensolvers for Quadratic PDE Problems★ A Parallel Two-level Polynomial Jacobi-Davidson Algorithm for Large Sparse Dissipative Acoustic Eigenvalue Problems
★ A Full Space Lagrange-Newton-Krylov Algorithm for Minimum Time Trajectory Optimization★ Parallel Two-level Patient-specific Numerical Simulation of Three-dimensional Rheological Blood Flows in Branching Arteries
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摘要(中) 這問題是研究關於一個三維power-law非牛頓流體流經非同軸的環管狀體且內管會旋轉的流動情形。因為是非牛頓流體的關係,黏滯項也成了數值計算上非線性的來源之一,使得計算的複雜度增高。且此為三維的問題,計算量比二維大的可觀。我們用Galerkin/least squares finite element的方法去做空間上離散的動作;平行演算法上是用Newton-Krylov-Schwarz演算法為基礎,因此可執行大量的數值計算。我們提供了一個可以觀察三維流體的solver,而且不只可以觀察在全展流狀態下的流體流動情形,亦可以觀察發展中流體的流動情形。經過計算得到以下的數值結果:網格的收斂度測試、二維和三維的比較、一些物理量三維的呈現、非牛頓影響的入口長度,以及平行運算的效能討論。
摘要(英) This work is about a numerical study of 3D flow of an inelastic power-law fluid through eccentric annuli with
inner cylinder rotation. The nonlinearity due to the shear-rate dependent viscosity and the truly 3D flow behavior makes us to solve the flow problem challenging and
parallel computing is necessary to handle such compute-intensive task. We use Galerkin/least squares finite element formulation for the spatial discretization, and the resulting large sparse nonlinear system of equations is solved by a Newton-Krylov-Schwarz algorithm that is suitable for large scale computing. In this study, we investigate the behavior of flow under different values of power law index and the Reynolds number ratios between axial and azimuthal directions within both of the developing and developed regions.
We provide some numerical results including the grid independent test, a comparison between 2D and 3D cases,
3D plots for physical quantities of flows, non-Newtonian effect on entrance length, and parallel performance
關鍵字(中) ★ 非牛頓流體
★ power-law模型
★ 入口長度
關鍵字(英) ★ non-Newtonian
★ power-law model
★ entrance length
論文目次 Contents
Tables viii
Figures ix
Nomenclature xii
1 Introduction 1
2 Flow models, discretization, and solution algorithm 4
2.1 Problemstatement 4
2.2 Galerkin/least squares ?nite element formulation 6
2.3 Newton-Krylov-Schwarzalgorithm 8
3 Numerical results 12
3.1 Gridindependenttest 12
3.2 A comparison between 2D-REA and 3D-REA cases without axial velocity 15
3.3 3Dplotsofphysicalquantitiesof?ows 20
3.4 Non-Newtonianeffectonentrancelength 20
3.5 Ef?ciency study and parallel performance of NKS 28
4 Concluding remarks 31
Bibliography 32
AppendixA 34
AppendixB 44
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