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姓名 曾培蕙(Pei-Hui Tseng)  查詢紙本館藏   畢業系所 英美語文學系
論文名稱 建造空中樓閣:《湖濱散記》中梭羅的改革理念探討
(Building Castles in the Air: A Study of the Reforms Proposed by Thoreau in Walden)
★ 霍桑小說中的罪與同情★ 弦外之音:惠特曼詩中的超越觀
★ 梭羅理想與現實之探討★ 愛默生對自然與社會之超越觀
★ 博愛世界的願景:雪萊作品中理想與現實的探討★ Trust and Trustworthiness in Hardy’s The Mayor of Casterbridge
★ 瑪麗.雪梨及其創作:再探<<科學怪人>>之文學地位★ 奧斯卡王爾德作品中的自由美學
★ 野蠻的吶喊:惠特曼作品中的自然、博愛及普世★ ?白鯨記?中浪漫主義與喀爾文教義之調和
★ 《簡 愛》中的傳統與革新之研究★ Tragic View of Life in Thomas Hardy′s Three Novels
★ 柯勒律治詩作研究:愛的概念體現★ 擺盪於理想與現實之間: 羅伯特‧布朗寧詩選之研究
★ Isabel Archer as a “Fortune-Hunter” in The Portrait of a Lady★ A Study of Nature and God in Coleridge′s Poetry
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摘要(中) 從《湖濱散記》我們可以瞭解梭羅是一位實際的夢想家。不同於其他許多只提出形而上思想的超驗主義者,梭羅希望能將夢想付諸實行。透過他在《湖濱散記》裡的論述和描述,他希望人們瞭解到崇高的理想並非遙不可及,而是只要在追求夢想的同時也認知現實。因此當梭羅看見美國社會因為工業革命而有了巨大的變遷,他希望藉由帶領人們看見真理進而使其生活回到正軌。因此,本論文將會探索梭羅的改革理念且進一步探討這些改革將如何因更真理而改變人們的生活。
摘要(英) In Walden we see that Thoreau is a practical dreamer. Unlike many other transcendentalists who only propose metaphysical ideas, Thoreau aims at putting ideas into action. Through his narration and description in Walden, he seems to suggest that building idealistic dreams high in the air is no great hardship when solid foundations are placed underneath them. While noticing that the American society was undergoing a tremendous transformation, Thoreau wishes to bring his people back to the right track by guiding them to see truth in life. Thus, this thesis will also investigate his ideas of reforms and see how they can make a difference to people’s lives by leading them closer to truth.
To begin with, chapter one will give a brief introduction to my thesis. Chapter two will examine Thoreau’s ideas of cultivation of the self from three aspects: living a simple life, getting close to nature, and taking action. Through the cultivation of the self, individuals will be refreshed and thus rediscover themselves. Albeit the cultivation of the self promotes individuality, it aims at pursuing the well-being of the whole society. Therefore, Thoreau’s ideas of reforming society will be scrutinized in chapter three. I will investigate his reforming ideas of society from three angles: education, culture, and liberty. Noticing that society has fallen apart due to the loss of humanity, Thoreau’s ideas of social reforms aim at bringing humanity back to society. In my chapter four, I will discuss Thoreau’s ideal of building a better world. To Thoreau, the world can be a better place only when people are awakened and can see truth. When people can penetrate the changes they see in life and find eternity in them, they will get rid of mundane thinking and do what is really good for both the individual and society. The concluding chapter will restate his concerns about society and review his ideas of reforms discussed in previous chapters. By studying Walden, we can see that Thoreau, as a social reformer, encourages people to pursue big dreams in a practical way.
關鍵字(中) ★ 亨利‧梭羅
★ 湖濱散記
★ 超驗主義者
★ 美國浪漫時期
★ 社會改革家
★ 個人
★ 社會
關鍵字(英) ★ Henry Thoreau
★ Walden
★ Transcendentalist
★ American Renaissance
★ social reformer
★ individual
★ society
論文目次 Table of Contents

Chapter One Introduction……………………………………………..1
Chapter Two Cultivation of the Self………..……………………..…14
Chapter Three Reforming Society………………………………….…34
Chapter Four Pursuit of a Better World……………………………...52
Chapter Five Conclusion………………………………………….…69
Works Cited…………………………………………………………75
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