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論文名稱 胎兒唐氏症施行人工流產的倫理反省
(Ethical Reflection in Aborting the Fetus with Down syndrome)
★ 人類中心主義批判研究★ 從Peter Singer的動物解放學說探究台灣流浪犬的問題
★ Rolston生態環境內在價值探索★ Naess深層生態學研究
★ Callicott環境倫理研究
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摘要(中) 產前唐氏症篩檢可能涉及複雜的後續處置決定,特別是人工流產的爭議,西方當代倫理學界大致上可分成保守派與自由派兩大立場,兩者都是從「胎兒的生命權」與「孕婦的身體自主權」相互衝突的角度來分析人工流產的問題,而忽略了需考慮實際的情境及孕婦與胎兒之間的關係;因此最終還是落入孕婦與胎兒雙方權利義務的協調分配,而無法妥善處理「胎兒唐氏症施行人工流產」的倫理爭議。此外,繼續或終止懷孕的選擇還可能陷入Derek Parfit所提出之「非同一問題」的困擾,使得原本已成僵局的爭議更形複雜難解。
摘要(英) When the fetus has Down syndrome, the pregnant woman would face the problem of artificial abortion. However, artificial abortion is a difficult moral issue in bioethics. There are two traditional approaches which both analyze the controversy from rights in this topic, namely the conservative and the liberal position. In addition, “non-identity problem” also disturbs our common belief and threatens the genetic health policy. These approaches all take the mother and the fetus as separate individuals, and thus neglect the intimate relationship between them. This essay indicates principlism cannot provide a satisfying solution to the moral dilemma of artificial abortion, even would produce different moral judgments and conflicts; therefore, we have to investigate the issue from basic moral theories such as utilitarianism, Kantism, and ethics of care. Ethics of care is a different voice from the traditional main moral theories and tries to take a new approach which focuses on the relationship between the mother and the fetus instead of the rights approach in the reflection of the issue. This essay will clarify the advantage of care ethics in responding the issue, and try to offer a clinical guideline based on “relational autonomy”. It is hoped that the guideline can help us make an appropriate decision and provide an important reference for the clinical practice.
關鍵字(中) ★ 唐氏症
★ 人工流產
★ 關懷倫理
★ 關係自主
★ 遺傳諮詢
關鍵字(英) ★ Down syndrome
★ artificial abortion
★ ethics of care
★ relational autonomy
★ genetic counseling
論文目次 中文摘要 i
英文摘要 ii
目錄 iii
導論 1
第一章 面臨的問題 8
第一節 唐氏症簡介 8
第二節 產前胎兒唐氏症篩檢的相關考量 11
第三節 胎兒唐氏症施行人工流產的倫理爭議 14
第二章 西方主流觀點 23
第一節 保守派的觀點 24
第二節 自由派的觀點 31
第三節 非同一問題的困擾 38
第三章 基本倫理學理論的觀點 45
第一節 效益主義的觀點 46
第二節 康德倫理學的觀點 53
第四章 關懷倫理學的觀點 59
第一節 倫理學的另一種聲音 59
第二節 關懷倫理學理論的探討 67
第三節 與本論文主題相關之關懷倫理學觀點 85
第五章 關係自主的決策 95
第一節 對傳統自主概念的重構:關係自主 97
第二節 關係自主決策的實踐:家庭會議 106
第三節 胎兒唐氏症施行人工流產的臨床準則 114
結語 120
參考文獻 127
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