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(Visual Perception of Realistic Rendering in xDiva 3D Environment)
★ 使用PolyTraceAid進行程式文件覆蓋率計算與分群★ Support Visual Debugging in Electronic Design Automation Software by xDIVA
★ 設計與實作視覺化追蹤點以支援xDIVA進行程式動畫★ Combine Internal Test Oracles and Capture/Replay GUI Testing for Precise Replay and Higher Validation Power
★ Dissimilarity of Polymorphic Execution Sequences★ The Analysis of Capturing System Test Cases into Unit Test Cases
★ 動態延遲載入的測試覆蓋率★ 建構於JMeter之自動化分散式壓力測試架構
★ 模組化因修改具耦合的程式碼所伴隨的成本漣漪★ Design a Pluggable Architecture for Layout Algorithms in xDIVA
★ 重複性程式碼檢測之外掛模組設計★ Why and When GUI Test Automation Fails in Practice and Our Solutions to The Problem
★ Why and When GUI Test Automation Fails in Practice and Our Solutions to The Problem★ Very High Precision Optical Character Recognition For Clean-Fixed-Sized True Type Characters
★ Enhance Korat by Branch Capability in Capture/Replay User Scenario to Industrial Test Case Automation★ implement race detection functionality inXThreadDebugger base on pluggable modulesystem
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摘要(中) 隨著巨量資訊時代的來臨,為了讓使用者能夠在短時間內了解資料的涵義與特性,資料視覺化(Data Visualization)的概念與技術被廣為研究,相對應的工具也因需求而陸續問世,以提供使用者根據資料型態選擇適當的方法將資料轉化為圖像的呈現方式。
在資料視覺化的過程中有許多可變條件可以造成不同的視覺化成果,諸如像視覺化物件的形狀、大小、顏色等,空間維度更可以顯示出資料的空間相對關係。而後此概念也被引進到軟體除錯工具之上,雖然已有許多軟體除錯工具可供程式設計師來視覺化軟體與除錯資訊,但由於程式的資料型態多樣性與在各領域上的所代表的獨特性,固定的視覺化方式可能無法符合使用者的需求。本實驗室開發多年的xDIVA 3D除錯視覺化工具便是利用嚴謹的物件導向設計概念讓使用者在與資料低耦合的狀況下挑選各樣的視覺化隱喻(Visualization Metaphor, VM)物件,並指定各項VM參數以達到在三維環境中形成更貼近使用者需求的結果。
摘要(英) With the advent of the age of massive information, in order to help users understand the significance and characteristic of data more easily, the technique of data visualization has been widely studied. These tools are launched to meet such needs, people can transform text-based data into graphical representation by choosing apposite visual context base on its data type.
There are many visual properties in data visualization processing can be changed which affect the result, like shape, size, color (hue), etc., data into a low-dimensional spaces (such as 2D or 3D dimensional space) show their spatial relationship. This concept is also introduced into debugging tools. Many debugging tools provide visualization of data type for programmer, but they may not meets users′ requirements because of using rigid way to visualize these variety and complexity of data type for different domain. xDIVA is one of project from our laboratory which developed for years, it conducts considerate object-oriented design so that people can use wide variety visualization metaphors. Because of visualization metaphors are decoupled from data, changing their properties even simpler and interactive to suit users′ needs.
This thesis discusses the insufficient of xDIVA 3D visualization environment. We propose the approaches that improve the visual effect, including making object more stereoscopic, adding click effect to get users′ visual attention, and allowing users to visualize with exist model. Make xDIVA progress toward the data visualization tool.
關鍵字(中) ★ 視覺化除錯
★ 軟體視覺化
★ 軟體除錯
★ 可合成視覺化
★ 可程式視覺化
關鍵字(英) ★ Visual debugging
★ Debugging visualization
★ Software visualization
★ Composable visualization metaphors
★ Program visualization
論文目次 第一章、 緒論 1
1-1 研究動機 1
1-2 問題描述 3
第二章、 研究背景 6
2-1 xDIVA 6
2-2 Ogre 3D 8
2-3物件的高亮(Highlight)效果 9
2-4 光照效果 11
2-5 視覺化物件選擇 16
第三章、 分析與解決視覺化問題 18
3-1 Highlight效果 18
3-1-1 Highlight效果選擇 18
3-1-2 Highlight實作 19
3-2 光照模型的選擇與實作 20
3-3 導入模型實作 23
第四章、 結論與討論 24
參考文獻 25
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指導教授 鄭永斌(Yung-Pin Cheng) 審核日期 2016-7-26
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