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(Construct the ontology of TRIZ to explore the inventive problem solving methodology across domain knowledges – As an example of Long-Term Care Cloud System)
★ 從生態共生觀點發展組織合作模式★ 影響產業垂直分工因素之探討
★ 發展台籍專業管家的人力派遣模式★ 影響軍事機關審計品質之關鍵性因素及其相對效率衡量
★ 台灣光碟片設備供應商競爭策略分析★ 國防科技研發機構組織向心力之研究
★ 衡量半導體零組件通路商之相對經營績效★ 衡量半導體晶圓代工廠商生產單位之營運績效
★ 商業銀行營運型態與組織調整對分行營運效率的影響★ 發展行動條碼為基礎的隨傳隨用視訊平台之應用
★ 飛機引擎定子零件維修之訂價調整方式★ 國際化、創新活動與公司績效:台灣上市公司董事會結構論析
★ 探討網際網路事件達成關鍵多數之影響因素★ 生態循環農業產銷策略個案研究
★ 探討以政策規範高耗能產業參與再生能源開發之綜效-以太陽光電發電系統為例★ 適地性服務(LBS)之顧客體驗整合性設計—以中華電信行動導遊為例
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摘要(中) TRIZ以矛盾矩陣、質場分析及其他方法所組成著名的創新系統和理論。因為其成功的解決了大量實務問題也使這個個創新方法論不止在工程領域也被應用於其他領域。然而學理上分析單一理論如何成應用於為跨領域應用有其必要。另一方面,少有文獻建構出一般化的原則和過程來確立TRIZ各工具間的哲學關係,這些問題在文獻中被討論和挑戰。
摘要(英) The TRIZ is a well-known innovation system and theory as its contradiction matrix, Su-Field and other methods. Because it successfully solves huge piratical problems lead the methodology was not only use in engineering, but many other territories, however, theoretical analysis how single methodology applied to across-disciplinary application is necessary. On the other hand, lacking of articles construct a generalized principles and process to establish the relation among the tools of in philosophy. These issues are discussed and challenged in articles.
“Ontology”, the word means a theory about the nature of being, or the kinds of existence in ancient philosophical debates. In recent studies, ontology not only represent how knowledge existed in formulation with meaning in various domains but also improves technology and academic research particularly in artificial intelligence.
This study constructs hybrid ontologies to transform TRIZ from engineering inventive tools into complex social problems solving methodology. The natures of TRIZ were explored thru the construction then contributes to across-disciplinary innovations. The “existence” of TRIZ in philosophy, conquer challenges in articles, expended the system boundary and set up a multi-disciplinary methodology. At last, an example in long-term-care cloud system to solve complex social problems evidence the viewpoints in the study.
關鍵字(中) ★ 本體論
★ 萃智
★ 跨領域
關鍵字(英) ★ Ontology
★ across-disciplinary
論文目次 摘要 i
Content iii
Figure List iv
Table List v
1. Introduction 1
2. Literal Review 4
2.1 The TRIZ method 5
2.2 Ontology 9
2.3 Ontology researches in TRIZ 21
2.4 Cloud system in long term care (LTC) medical system 23
3. Methodology 24
3.1 Methodologies for problem solving 24
3.2 Problems with the LTC could system 27
3.3 Construct ontology 29
3.4 Implementation in LTC cloud computing 35
3.5 Domain ontology and application ontology 39
3.6 Domain and application ontologies of Long-Term Care Cloud System 42
4. Discussion 46
4.1 Apply TRIZ heuristic reasoning to find innovative principles 46
4.2 Ontologies of TRIZ in knowledge representation 54
4.3 Existence of innovation 57
4.4 Challenge the challenges in TRIZ to its existence 60
5. Conclusion 64
References 67
Appendix 1. Contradiction matrix 70
Appendix 2. 40 inventive principles 71
Appendix 3. Separation principles 72
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