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論文名稱 即時手部追蹤系統以虛擬大提琴為例
(Implement Virtual Cello by Real Time Hand Tracking System)
★ 基於edX線上討論板社交關係之分組機制★ 利用Kinect建置3D視覺化之Facebook互動系統
★ 利用 Kinect建置智慧型教室之評量系統★ 基於行動裝置應用之智慧型都會區路徑規劃機制
★ 基於分析關鍵動量相關性之動態紋理轉換★ 基於保護影像中直線結構的細縫裁減系統
★ 建基於開放式網路社群學習環境之社群推薦機制★ 英語作為外語的互動式情境學習環境之系統設計
★ 基於膚色保存之情感色彩轉換機制★ 一個用於虛擬鍵盤之手勢識別框架
★ 分數冪次型灰色生成預測模型誤差分析暨電腦工具箱之研發★ 使用慣性傳感器構建即時人體骨架動作
★ 基於多台攝影機即時三維建模★ 基於互補度與社群網路分析於基因演算法之分組機制
★ 即時手部追蹤之虛擬樂器演奏系統★ 基於類神經網路之即時虛擬樂器演奏系統
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摘要(中) 在這個日新月異科技進步的時代,人們需要找到一個新的方式來使用他們日常生活用具包含:電腦、智慧型手機以及筆記型電腦,而研究人員也在不斷的研究如何更方便的與這些設備互動,使用者也希望可以透過一些不同的設備來達到日常生活中的常用的動作像是文書編輯、上網、玩遊戲或是影像編輯等等,所以我們發現單單使用滑鼠以及鍵盤並不足夠,我們需要更自然的動作來跟這些設備互動。
在本文中,我們提出了一款虛擬大提琴,使用者只需要坐在電腦前將手放置相機面前,系統就會開始偵測使用者的手勢,正確追蹤後使用者便可開始演奏樂器,我們使用Intel提出的Creative Senz 3D 當作我們的設備,Senz 3D可以擷取比Kinect近的距離,開發者只需要透過PCSDK便可以開發相關的程式,我們使用OpenGL繪製手部模型以及使用者介面,並且使用OpenCV處裡一些影像處裡。
摘要(英) In this generation, people need to find a new way to control their computer, smart phone; note book in their daily life, what researchers are interested is how to make it easier to user to communicate with these devices. User hope use some sensor to achieve our goal such as word processing, surf internet, play computer games and video editing, Of course we found using keyboard and mouse alone are not enough, we need to be more convenient and more natural way to control device.
In this paper, we propose a virtual cello, User only need to sit in front of table and raise hand to face camera, the system will match your hand gesture after that you can start playing cello, We use creative Senz 3D to be our sensor, the reason is Senz 3D can capture nearer object than Kinct, And it can receive raw data with PCSDK (Intel Perceptual Computing SDK), we use OpenGL to draw our interface and display 3D model in the screen, The OpenCV is help us to process image.
We proposed a new kind of virtual instrument that can change to different instrument which is a bowed string instrument and it could play a lot of kind of songs because the program is flexible, the user could adjust parameters like music notes, chords, playing position or tones of the instrument. The limit of the Virtual Instrument is music speed. Although it could not play the songs which have a high bpm, for slow songs, it is stable and could be used in a professional music performance.
關鍵字(中) ★ 手部追蹤
★ 虛擬樂器
★ 影像處理
關鍵字(英) ★ hand tracking
★ finger tracking
★ image processing
★ Senz 3D
論文目次 摘要 i
Abstract ii
Acknowledgements iii
Contents iv
List of Figures vii
List of Tables x
Chapter 1. Introduction 1
1.1 Background 1
1.2 Motivation 2
1.3 Thesis Organization 3
Chapter 2. Related works 4
2.1 Appearance-based hand tracking 4
2.2 Hand tracking with Neural Network 11
2.3 Model based hand tracking 16
2.4 The analysis of existing method 21
Chapter 3. Technology of Hand tracking 22
3.1 Environment 22
3.2 Region of Interest 23
3.3 Morphology 24
3.4 Center point of palm 24
3.5 Edge detection 26
3.6 Find convex hull 27
3.7 Finger region distribution 28
3.8 Proposed method 30
3.9 The work flow of system 33
3.10 Model based hand tracking 34
3.11 Finger tapping 37
3.12 Hand motion detection 38
Chapter 4. Applications 39
4.1 Virtual Cello 39
4.2 Virtual two string fiddle (Erhu) 41
4.3 MIDI 42
Chapter 5. Conclusions and Future Works 44
5.1 Environment 44
5.2 Conclusions 45
5.3 Future Works 48
References 49
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指導教授 施國琛(Timothy K. Shih) 審核日期 2015-7-16
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