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(Development and Analysis of Cluster Trading)
★ 二階段作業研究模式於立體化設施規劃應用之探討–以半導體製造廠X及Y公司為例★ 推行TPM活動以改善設備總合效率並提昇 企業競爭力...以U公司桃園工廠為例
★ 資訊系統整合業者行銷通路策略之研究★ 以決策樹法歸納關鍵製程暨以群集法識別關鍵路徑
★ 關鍵績效指標(KPI)之建立與推行 - 在造紙業★ 應用實驗計劃法- 提昇IC載板錫球斷面品質最佳化之研究
★ 如何從歷史鑽孔Cp值導出新設計規則進而達到兼顧品質與降低生產成本目標★ 產品資料管理系統建立及導入-以半導體IC封裝廠C公司為例
★ 企業由設計代工轉型為自有品牌之營運管理★ 運用六標準差步驟與FMEA於塑膠射出成型之冷料改善研究(以S公司為例)
★ 台灣地區輪胎產業經營績效之研究★ 以方法時間衡量法訂定OLED面板蒸鍍有機材料更換作業之時間標準
★ 利用六標準差管理提升生產效率-以A公司塗料充填流程改善為例★ 依流程相似度對目標群組做群集分析- 以航空發動機維修廠之自修工件為例
★ 設計鏈績效衡量指標建立 —以電動巴士產業A公司為例★ 應用資料探勘尋找影響太陽能模組製程良率之因子研究
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摘要(中) 配對交易是投資理財中常見的操作行為,其交易的方式為選取兩兩相近的股票,並計算股票間歷史股價的價差平均與標準差,若兩股之新一期股價的價差大於由歷史股價的價差平均與標準差所形成的基準值,則對一支股票進行做多,並對另外一支進行放空。主要目的為消除市場變動造成的系統風險,但仍是會受到個別風險影響,如果能減少錯誤決策造成的損失,將可以提升投資報酬率。
摘要(英) Pairs trading is one of famous strategy in investment, the way of trading is being chosen by the two similar stocks, and being calculated on their historical price data’s gap of mean and standard deviation. If the gap of new price data is exceed the boundary, we will buy the stock and short selling the other stock. The purpose of it is removing the systemic risk by the market of changing, but it also be effected by idiosyncratic risk. If we can reduce the loss of making fault decision, we will get higher ROI.
We propose a new trading way which combine clustering analysis and pairs trading is named “Cluster trading”. The limit of pairs trading which only can trade two stocks (one pair) at each time is broken. It can be traded with more than two stocks at each time. More stock’s information can be considered and the loss can be shared by other stocks when making the fault decision to let the loss be decreased. Thus, we will have higher and more robust in the profit of making decision by comparing with pairs trading. However, we also find out the famous similarity which is proposed by Gatev, Goetzmann, and Rouwenhorst (2006) in pairs trading has a drawback about iterating, and it makes the similarity inaccurate. We use EWMA and stock’s trend to improve the similarity to get the better results and get higher ROI.
We use the stocks FTSE TWSE Taiwan 50 Index during recent four years and classify some of stocks into different industries. And then, compare TAIEX, pairs trading, cluster trading with original similarity and cluster trading with new similarity which is better. Finally, find the setting which have high ROI in cluster trading with new similarity in different industries.
關鍵字(中) ★ 配對交易
★ 分群
★ 群集交易
關鍵字(英) ★ Pairs trading
★ Clustering
★ Clustering trading
論文目次 摘要 I
Abstract II
List of Tables IV
List of Figures V
Chapter 1 Introduction 1
1-1 Background and motivation 1
1-2 Research Objectives and frameworks 2
Chapter 2 Literature Review 4
2-1 Pairs trading 4
2-2 Cluster analysis 6
2-2-1 Similarity measure 8
2-2-2 Clustering algorithms 10
2-3 Cluster trading 13
Chapter 3 Cluster Trading 17
Chapter 4 Empirical Results 26
4-1 Trading assumptions 27
4-2-1 Results of the experiment in semiconductor 27
4-2-2 Analysis the results of the experiment in semiconductor 31
4-3-1 Results of the experiment in bank 32
4-3-2 Analysis the results of the experiment in bank 35
4-4-1 Results of the experiment in computer accessories 36
4-4-2 Analysis the results of the experiment in computer accessories 39
Chapter 5 Conclusion and Future Research 40
References 42
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