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論文名稱 建立一個基於健保資料庫的疾病網路
(Building a Disease Network Based on Longitudinal Health Insurance Database (LHID))
★ 應用嵌入式系統於呼吸肌肉群訓練儀之系統開發★ 勃起障礙與缺血性心臟病的雙向研究: 以台灣全人口基礎的世代研究
★ 基質輔助雷射脫附飛行時間式串聯質譜儀 微生物抗藥性資料視覺化工具★ 使用穿戴式裝置分析心律變異及偵測心律不整之應用程式
★ 建立一個自動化分析系統用來分析任何兩種疾病之間的關聯性透過世代研究設計以及使用承保抽樣歸人檔★ 青光眼病患併發糖尿病,使用Metformin及Sulfonylurea治療得到中風之風險:以台灣人口為基礎的觀察性研究
★ 利用組成識別和序列及空間特性構成之預測系統來針對蛋白質交互作用上的特殊區段點位進行分析及預測辨識★ 新聞語意特徵擷取流程設計與股價變化關聯性分析
★ 藥物與疾病關聯性自動化分析平台設計與實作★ 建立財務報告自動分析系統進行股價預測
★ 建立一個分析疾病與癌症關聯性的自動化系統★ 基於慣性感測器虛擬鍵盤之設計與實作
★ 一個醫療照護監測系統之實作★ 應用手機開發手握球握力及相關資料之量測
★ 利用關聯分析全面性的搜索癌症關聯疾病★ 全面性尋找類風濕性關節炎之關聯疾病
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摘要(中) 台灣的健保整體滿意度是相當高的,醫師程度及醫療設備更具有相當高的水準。在這樣的醫療環境中,台灣健保資料庫就顯得非常珍貴。因此,每年都有相當多的研究論文產出;這些以台灣健保資料庫為主的論文多數是特定組合的比較,例如疾病與疾病或藥物與疾病等。研究者通常需要專業的醫療經驗及大量的文獻閱讀,才會有疾病關聯性的瞭解或知識。然而,顯少一個宏觀的分析來加強分辨整體疾病的關聯性。因此,疾病網路是一個非常好的表示方法,它可以取代大量的文獻閱讀工作,將複雜的問題轉成圖形方式來處理。而我們的動機是建立一個基於台灣健保資料庫的疾病網路,讓醫療人員可以宏觀的去觀察疾病的關聯性,並可以初步的比較疾病間的關係。驗證所有已知及挖掘未知的資訊。
摘要(英) Taiwan′s health insurance system is perfect, the doctor level and medical equipment is excellent. In such an environment, National Health Insurance Research Database (NHIRD) stored medical records is a very precious treasure. Whether it is academic or non-academic circles want to dig these original information. Therefore, the NHIRD-based research papers have a considerable amount of output. These papers are usually some specific subject, such as disease to disease or drug to disease. But there is little integrated study to look at the relevance of the disease for them. In recent years, the disease network has been a lot of research. These studies are to transform complex problems into graph. And then use the graph method to solve the problem. And our motivation is to build a disease network based on Taiwan health insurance database network, so that researchers can be macroscopic to observe the relevance of the disease, and can be a preliminary comparison of disease.
關鍵字(中) ★ 疾病網路
★ 健保資料庫
關鍵字(英) ★ disease network
論文目次 摘要------i
List of Figures------v
List of Tables------vii
Chapter 1. Introduction------1
Chapter 2. Materials------4
Chapter 3. Methods------6
3-1 Construct Disease Networks------6
3-1-1 Deconstruct the raw data of LHID------6
3-1-2 Decompose rows to individual ICD-9 files------7
3-1-3 Generate disease pairs with time difference------7
3-1-4 Candidate disease pairs with directivity------8
3-1-5 Filter the data by the number of occurrences of the disease dynamically.------9
3-2 LHID and Case-Control Study------10
3-2-1 Data preprocessing------10
3-2-2 Data processing------10
3-2-3 The distribution of basic characteristics in patients ------12
3-2-4 Incidence of two cohorts measured hazards ratio for patients------13
3-2-5 Sex-based and age-based hazard ratios------14
Chapter 4. Results------16
4-1 Integrated Disease Network and LHID------16
4-2 Verification of Our System------16
4-2-1 Combining Disease Network and LHID: Other sleep disorders------16
4-2-2 Combining Disease Network and LHID: Diabetes------20
4-2-3 Combining Disease Network and LHID: Asthma------23
Chapter 5. Discussions------25

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