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論文名稱 評估貝里斯Rio Bravo保育管理區內硬木種類之樹高
(Stem-Height Prediction for Hardwood Tree Species in the Rio Bravo Conservation and Management Area)
★ 凝膠濃度對胎盤幹細胞貼附及分化之影響★ 摻雜銀或銀銅氮氧化鉭薄膜之製備、特性分析及抗菌行為分析
★ 以反應式磁控濺鍍製備Ag2O/TiO2疊層薄膜及其特性之研究★ 以射頻磁控濺鍍法製備銦鋅氧化物(IZO)透明導電薄膜並探討製程參數對其薄膜之影響
★ 以微陽極導引電鍍法沉積奈米氧化鋅薄膜★ 在一些氣候因素的預測和相關性的一些經濟和農業指標
★ Fabrication and Characterization of Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) Thin Film by Plasma Polymerization★ Effects of Diluted Ar in H2/SiH4 on Amorphous Hydrogenated Silicon Thin Film (i-layer) by an Inductive Coupled Plasma-Chemical Vapor Deposition (ICP-CVD) System
★ 以HFSS 天線模擬程式為設計LTE Band 41設計天線★ The Deposition and Microstructure of Tungsten Oxide Films by Physical Vapor Deposition
★ 以塊狀金屬玻璃和其複材製作骨科鑽頭及其鑽孔能力之研究★ Economic feasibility for recycling crystalline silicon photovoltaics modules
★ 電漿聚合系統在不同功率下製成聚吡咯薄膜之特性及微結構分析★ Structural Study on BaCeO3 Perovskite Thin Film by Sputtering
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摘要(中) 摘要

森林的永續經營講究的是工具,一些能夠提供關於地方林分,混合各種不同樹齡發展狀況的資訊的工具。要開發這一類的工具並實際應用,取得森林的資料與統計數據是不可或缺的。資料方面所參考的是貝里斯發展計劃(PfB)於2015-2016年間,對位於貝里斯北部Rio Bravo保育管理區內所進行的收割期前的存量調查報告。在本文中已附上十種的硬木類的資料。這些資料將以圖形的方式呈現,並跟據分析後對每個種類進行四分位的排序,以便於瞭解該區域內各種類的生長狀況。為了開發初步估算收割前林木總量的方法,研究上運用了一些統計方法;同時也參考一些過去關於評估樹高的研究報告,以便於理解樹高與樹寬之間的關係。

透過圖形分析的方式,研究得出這些及胸高的十種硬木中,其樹高與樹寬的生長並沒有一定的規律。不過,從四分位的角度切入,數據顯示上弦(Upper quartile)樹高為9米至14米,樹寬則為38至75公分。針對樹高總量的估算方式上,開發了一套公式,奠定收割前保守估計的良好基礎。在調整兩個樹高與樹寬的預測模型之後,得出的結論為:若要開發一個針對該地區的精確模型,必須運用混合效果的隨機方法。研究結果將有助於森林管理和監控個別樹木與林分。

Sustainable forest management requires tools that can provide details about the development of mixed, uneven aged forest stands. For tools to be developed and implemented forest data and statistics are necessary. Data was obtained from Programme for Belize (PfB) from their 2015 - 2016 pre-harvest stock survey at the Rio Bravo Conservation and Management Area in Northern Belize. Data on ten hardwood tree species were made available for this paper. The data was visually presented and analyzed to determine the first, second and third quartiles for each species, in order to better understand growth of species in the area. Statistical techniques were used to estimate the stem-height volume. This was done in order to develop a method for preliminary estimations of standing tree volume prior to being harvested. Past studies were also reviewed to evaluate their methods of estimating tree height, in order to get a better understanding of the relationship between tree height and diameter.
Through visual analysis it was observed that the growth of stem height and diameter at breast height for the ten species did not have a pattern. However, data analysis by quartiles showed that the upper quartile for stem height ranged from 9 to 14 meters, and for diameter it ranged from 38 to 75 cm. An equation for volume estimation was developed, which provided conservative estimates of stem height volume, forming a good basis for pre-harvest estimations. Revision of two height-diameter models for height prediction led to the conclusion in order to develop an accurate model for the area a mixed-effects stochastic technique is necessary. The results of the study are presented such that they can be used as an aid in forest management and monitoring individual trees and tree stands.
關鍵字(中) ★ 硬木
★ 種類樹
★ 樹高
摘要 i
Abstract ii
Acknowledgements iii
List of Figures v
List of Tables vi
Explanation of Symbols vii
Chapter 1 Introduction 1
1-1 Motivation of Study 1
1-2 Objectives 3
1-3 Background 4
1-4 Study Area 8
1-5 Organization 10
Chapter 2 Prediction Theory 11
2-1 Introduction 11
2-2 Deterministic Height-Diameter (H-D) Relation for Trees in Forest 13
2-3 Mixed Effects and Stochastic Height-Diameter (H-D) Relation for Trees in Forest 14
2-4 Nutrient Based Theory for Stem Height and Diameter 16
2-5 Mathematical Derivation 18
Chapter 3 Data and Field Survey Analysis 21
3-1 Field Data 21
3-2 Comments on the Field Data 24
Chapter 4 Stem-Height Volume Estimation of Standing Trees 26
4-1 Introduction 26
4-2 Data Fitting for the Volume of Trees 27
4-3 Summary – Numerical Results 30
Chapter 5 Categorical Data 32
Chapter 6 Conclusion 36
References 39


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