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姓名 黃晨晧(Chen-Hao Huang)  查詢紙本館藏   畢業系所 通訊工程學系
論文名稱 基於收前先聽LBR機制之授權型輔助接入LAA架構下於異質網路中暴露節點之研究
(Listen Before Receive Mechanism for LTE Licensed Assisted Access Technology in Heterogeneous Network with Exposed Node Situation)
★ 利用智慧天線系統實現精準室內定位技術★ 電力線通訊之競爭存取與路由方法設計與實現
★ 設計與實作基於GRAPES函式庫之P2P即時串流系統★ 利用離散餘弦基礎之聲音浮水印達到室內定位技術
★ 利用虛擬指紋建置法之智慧型天線系統實現精準室內定位技術★ 即時影像串流自適應播放系統之研究
★ 利用模糊邏輯控制器於蜂巢式網路降低位置管理機制成本★ 基於支持向量機及模糊推理之地震預警系統研製
★ 基於行動裝置之分散式多人會議系統★ 以分群為基礎之3D無線與光學網路晶片頻道存取方法
★ 支援跳頻之IEEE 802.15.4 ZigBee無線隨身網路機制設計與實現★ 應用於IEEE 802.16行動無線都會網路省電模式參數設定之智慧策略
★ IEEE 802.15.4 ZigBee 無線隨身網路高效能路由演算法分析與設計★ 應用於IEEE 802.16無線寬頻都會網路之具調適性自動重傳請求回報機制
★ 無線感測網路為基礎之空間平面圖自動建構之技術★ 隨機指定埠號對稱式網址轉換器穿透之研究
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摘要(中) 隨著網際網路的蓬勃發展,網路已成為現代人生活中的一部分,藉由網路來得知生活上各種所需的資訊已成為生活中不可或缺的需求,加上智慧型行動裝置的普及,隨時隨地皆能上網已成為現代人習慣的生活模式,而藉由結合行動通訊技術與其他現有的技術提供更多元的網路服務,正是行動通訊技術所探討的議題之一。
由 3GPP 組織所制定的4G LTE-A (Long Term Evolution-Advanced) 標準是產業發展的主流,而針對 4G LTE-A 標準採用非授權頻譜 (5GHz LTE-U) 技術的重要性也將與日俱增。另一方面,由 IEEE 所制定的 802.11 標準已被廣泛利用;在現有的非授權頻譜上與 IEEE 802.11 標準共同使用相同頻段,會面臨系統共存的問題。本論文將提出如何避免 LTE-U 運作時影響既有的 802.11 標準之使用者,符合使用地區的規範,及降低因暴露節點所造成耗能的方法。
LTE-U 相關技術在目前 3GPP 規範發展朝向以小基站架構 (small cell) 與授權型輔助接入 LAA (Licensed Assisted Access) 為主,用途為將基站的資料流從授權頻譜 (Licensed Band) 分流至非授權頻譜 (Unlicensed Band)。LAA使用Listen-Before-Talk (LBT) 機制,於通訊前先偵測監聽,使 LAA 可以有效地與 IEEE 802.11 標準共存並在頻譜方面取得較好的效率。然而,缺少互通的通訊協定技術 (如 Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Avoidance,CSMA/CA與Request-to-Send/Clear-to-Send,RTS/CTS) 的能力,使得隱藏節點問題 (Hidden Node Problem) 無法徹底解決。反之,隱藏節點所造成的問題卻可能是暴露節點問題 (Exposed Node Problem) 的優點,亦即當隱藏節點皆為接收端,而發送端之間非隱藏節點時可同時發送以提升效能。為了充分瞭解異質網路共存的本質問題,我們先初步完成分析兩種網路 (LAA系統與Wi-Fi系統) 重疊建置所產生干擾的情況,利用完整的數學分析得知兩個系統之間產生暴露節點與隱藏節點的機率,我們意外地發現LAA與 Wi-Fi 之間暴露節點的機率高達 39.33%。為了避免因隱藏節點干擾造成的碰撞,以及爭取因暴露節點問題而犧牲的頻寬,本論文將提出相容於 LBT 技術之解決技術,同時考慮系統存取的公平性。
As the rapid development of network technology, Internet has become an integral part of our lives. With the popularity of smart mobile devices, surfing the Internet anytime, anywhere has become a kind of necessity for the modern life. How to combine the coming mobile communication technologies with other existent technologies to support modern networking services in mobile networks is one of the major issues.
The 4G LTE-A (Long Term Evolution - Advanced) standard developed by 3GPP organization is the main trend of the future wireless mobile communication industry. The 4G LTE-A standard adopts small cell as well as unlicensed spectrum (5.8GHz LTE-U) to offload heavy traffic from licensed band to unlicensed band. Such major technology is known as Licensed Assisted Access (LAA) technology. On the other hand, the development of IEEE 802.11 standard has been matured everywhere. All IEEE 802.11 products use CSMA/CA (Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Avoidance) with request-to-send/clear-to-send (RTS/CTS) protocol to solve contention and hidden-node problems. Therefore, the LTE-U shall have the new mechanism to coexist with pervasive IEEE 802.11 products. In other words, how to avoid the effects of operating LAA on unlicensed band, where there are IEEE 802.11 products, is the research objective of this thesis.
The Listen-Before-Talk (LBT) procedure is the main procedure for LAA to accomplish fair and friendly coexistence with other operators or technologies operating over unlicensed spectrum. However, lacking the Layer 2 RTS/CTS protocol with the other existing systems, it is uneasy to solve the hidden-node problem (HNP). Intuitively, the drawback of hidden-node problem may be the advantage of exposed node problem (ENP) where the transmitters which are not hidden to each other can simultaneously transmit if corresponding receivers are hidden nodes to each other. In order to fully understand the essential problem of coexistence issue between LAA and Wi-Fi systems, we have done the thorough analyses on hidden-node and exposed-node probabilities by means of mathematical approach. Analytical results surprisingly reveal that the exposed-node probability is as high as 39.33%. In order to avoid the collision caused by the HNP and retrieve the bandwidth which is being sacrificed by the ENP, this thesis aims to propose the compliance solution(s) for LBT mechanism in order to optimize the overall system performance.
關鍵字(中) ★ 暴露節點問題
★ 隱藏節點問題
★ 授權型輔助接入
★ 送前監聽機制
★ 長期演進技術
關鍵字(英) ★ Exposed Node Problem (ENP)
★ Hidden Node Problem (HNP)
★ Licensed Assisted Access (LAA)
★ Listen-Before-Talk (LBT)
★ Long Term Evolution (LTE)
中文摘要 i
2-1. Hidden Node Problem (HNP) 4
2-2. Exposed Node Problem (ENP) 6
2-3. Listen Before Talk 8
3-1. LAA Scenario Analysis in Heterogeneous Network 10
3-2. LAA Scenario Probability Analysis in Heterogeneous Network 15
4-1. Listen Before Receive (LBR) Mechanism 30
4-2. Give and Take (GAT) Mechanism 30

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指導教授 許獻聰(Shiann-Tsong Sheu) 審核日期 2017-7-21
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