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姓名 湯先昀(Xian-Yun Tang)  查詢紙本館藏   畢業系所 系統生物與生物資訊研究所
論文名稱 乾燥綜合症與非病毒型肝炎之相關因子分析
(Factor analysis of relationships between Sjögren′s syndrome and non-viral hepatitis)
★ 細菌物種基因體中非編碼小片段核糖核酸之預測★ 從年齡動態網路探討疾病盛行率
★ 藉由比較基因表現資料研究次世代定序與晶片技術分析差異★ 啟動子甲基化與對應之基因表現微陣列資訊整合分析
★ 氣候變遷對人類疾病網路造成衝擊★ 台北和中壢地區不孕症分佈與共病探討
★ 探討台灣的門診疾病與環境空氣品質的濃度變化之相關性★ 使用支持向量機預測蛋白質醣基化位置
★ 使用基因表現資料預測基因轉錄調控網路★ RNA Riboswitch搜尋系統之設計與實作
★ 人類疾病差異表現基因與調控網路之整合系統★ 利用赫伯特-黃轉換法辨識酵母菌在呼吸/還原週期中的震盪基因群
★ 運用高通量基因微矩陣列方法解析由嗜鉻 細胞分化成神經細胞之全基因體的調控★ 不同微陣列預處理方法以及即時聚合酶鏈鎖反應之微陣列基因表現量比較
★ 利用赫伯特-黃轉換法做為在質譜儀分析技術的前處理方法★ 從年齡動態網路探討疾病表現與疾病盛行率
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摘要(中) 乾燥綜合症與肝臟疾病之間的關聯性已在 1954 年被提出,至今已有不少文獻指出
炎(ICD9-CM:573.3)以及慢性肝炎(ICD9-CM:571.40)(P-value: 6.29E-14-2.82E
別以及乾燥症類型並不會影響乾燥症患者罹患非病毒型肝炎之比率(P-value > 0.05)。然
而在年齡上,50 到 70 歲之乾燥症患者較易罹患非病毒型肝炎。在用藥部分,大多數藥
摘要(英) Association between Sjögren′s syndrome (SjS) and liver disease was indicated in 1954. Up to now, many studies have indicated that SjS and viral-hepatitis are correlated. However, association between SjS and non-viral hepatitis was rarely studied. In this study, we used clinical data from Cathay General Hospital and Landseed Hospital and supplemented by NHIRD to analyse the association between SjS and non-viral hepatitis. We found that SjS patients was usually diagnosed with hepatitis (ICD9-Codes: 573.3) and chronic hepatitis (ICD9-Codes: 571.40) (P-value: 6.29E-14 to 2.82E-123). To understand what factors elevated the prevalence of hepatitis in patients with SjS, we supposed the following factors of rising diagnosis: temperature, humidity, gender, age, types of SjS and medicines. The result shows that temperature, humidity, gender and types of SjS do not impact on prevalence of hepatitis in adult patients with SjS (P-value >0.05). However, 50 to 70 year-olds’ patients have higher prevalence of hepatitis. Most of medicines elevate the risk of hepatitis, and patients take more medicines, the prevalence of hepatitis are also higher in adult SjS patients.
關鍵字(中) ★ 乾燥症
★ 非病毒型肝炎
★ 生物資訊
關鍵字(英) ★ Sjögren′s syndrome
★ Non-viral hepatitis
★ Bioinformatics
論文目次 中文摘要 i
English Abstract ii
Tables of content iii
List of figures v
List of tables vi
List of appendix vii
Chapter 1 Introduction 1
1-1 Background 1
1-2 Related work 1
1-3 Motivation 2
1-3 Goal 2
Chapter 2 Materials and Methods 3
2-1 Collection of clinical data 3
2-2 Collection of climate data 3
2-3 Data processing 3
2-4 Procedure of research 4
2-4-1 Identifying association between SjS and climate 4
2-4-2 Finding association between SjS patients and the other disease 4
2-4-3 Suspicious factor analysis 7
2-4-4 Statistics methods 8
Chapter 3 Results 9
3-1 Finding association between SjS and climate 9
3-2 Identifying association between SjS patients and the other disease 9
3-2-1 Factor: climate 9
3-2-2 Factor: age 9
3-2-3 Factor: gender 10
3-2-4 Factor: type of SjS 10
3-2-5 Factor: medicine 10
Chapter 4 Discussion and Conclusion 22
4-1 Association between SjS and temperature and humidity 22
4-2 Climate, gender and type of SjS 22
4-3 Ages 23
4-4 Medicines 23
4-6 Conclusion 24
Appendix 26
References 32
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