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姓名 高正翰(Cheng-Han Kao)  查詢紙本館藏   畢業系所 企業管理學系
論文名稱 零售業粉絲專頁分析
(Retailers′ fan page analysis)
★ 認知風格與傳播媒介對毒品認知、態度及信念之影響
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摘要(中) 隨著社群媒體(social media)的興起,許多產業的行銷方式都隨之改變,企業透過社群媒體推廣品牌,傳達企業理念與商品資訊給顧客,品牌社群(brand community)形成企業品牌與顧客之間的全新溝通與互動模式,粉絲專頁的經營變成是許多企業非常重要的任務之一,粉絲專頁的內容決定了顧客對企業品牌的觀感,而粉絲專頁貼文是顧客更新資訊最快速的管道,貼文的頻率、類型、內容皆可能影響顧客對該品牌未來的消費,顧客對貼文的留言也變成是企業了解顧客需求的非常重要的方式。過去研究零售業粉絲專頁貼文的文獻並不多,所以本研究分析收入最多的五間零售企業,透過Python程式碼蒐集零售公司三年全部貼文與留言資訊,觀察2015、2016、2017年粉絲專頁貼文的趨勢變化,包括貼文數量與情緒反應,接著再透過情感分析套件,進一步研究顧客在貼文下的留言回覆,得知顧客對貼文的情感反應,最後個別分析按讚數與正面留言數特別多的貼文,可以得知甚麼樣的貼文內容可以吸引粉絲注意,研究結果指出,貼文數量最多的月份大部分都集中在12月,而每天發佈貼文的時段大部分都集中在下午,六種情緒反應和每年平均按讚數以Photo類型的貼文情緒反應較顯著,並且以Walmart表現最佳,正面留言數量以Walmart、Kroger、Amazon表現最佳,負面留言數量以Kroger、Amazon表現最佳,零售業者可以藉由比較不同公司粉絲專頁的經營方針,發佈最大效益的貼文。
摘要(英) The posts of the fan page are one of the fastest ways for customers to gain product/service information. According to past research, frequency, type and content of the fan page posts can affect customer’s expenditure behavior towards the brand. However, the literature about retailers’ fan page management is scant. Therefore, this research aims to apply different approaches to investigate top retailers′ fan pages. The research objectives are summarized into following three points. First, how the companies manage their fan pages was examined by various visual analytics. Second, fans’ feedbacks of the posts were further analyzed. Third, the analysis results of the fan pages between different companies were compared. Python was used to collect all the posts and comments for 2015, 2016 and 2017 of the top 5 U.S. retailers′ fan pages. Post descriptive statistics and emotional reactions for three years were analyzed. With sentiment analysis tool, what customer thought on Facebook fan page were explored. Finally, we analyzed the posts that have the most likes and positive comments. Therefore, customers’ favorite posts were further scrutinized. The research results indicate that most of the posts were appeared in December and during the afternoon period. The photo posts generally gained more reactions and like numbers than other types of posts. Meanwhile, Walmart, Kroger and Amazon had better performance in the number of positive comments than the other retailers. Kroger and Amazon have the least numbers of negative comments. The methods proposed in this research may be used by firms from every industries to promote their fan pages.
關鍵字(中) ★ 粉絲專頁
★ 貼文分析
★ 情感分析
★ 零售業
★ 社群媒體
關鍵字(英) ★ Fan page
★ Post Analysis
★ Sentiment Analysis
★ Retailer
★ Social Media
論文目次 目錄
中文摘要 i
目錄 iii
表目錄 v
圖目錄 vi
第一章 緒論 1
1.1 研究背景與動機 1
1.2 研究目的 2
第二章 文獻探討 3
2.1 粉絲專頁相關研究 3
2.2 零售業的社群媒體與粉絲專頁 5
第三章 研究方法 8
3.1 資料蒐集 8
3.2 貼文分析 10
3.3 情感分析 11
第四章 研究結果 12
4.1 專頁貼文分析 12
4.2 貼文類型與情緒分析 21
4.3 留言情感分析 39
4.4 個別貼文分析 47
第五章 結論與建議 52
參考文獻 54
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