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姓名 范天達(Pham, Tien Dat)  查詢紙本館藏   畢業系所 光電科學與工程學系
論文名稱 利用有限元素方法分析光譜合束器之多層介電質繞射光柵之繞射效率
(FEM analysis of diffraction efficiency in multilayer dielectric diffraction gratings applied in Spectral Beam Combining)
★ 以反應性射頻磁控濺鍍搭配HMDSO電漿聚合鍍製氧化矽摻碳薄膜阻障層之研究★ 軟性電子阻水氣膜之有機層組成研究
★ 石墨烯與超導金屬介面的電子穿隧行為★ 石墨烯透明導電膜與其成長模型之研究
★ 電漿輔助石墨烯直接成長在Pt上成長機制★ 以磁控電漿輔助化學氣相沉積法製鍍有機矽阻障層之研究
★ 以電漿聚合鍍製氧化矽摻碳氫薄膜應力之研究★ 快速退火影響石墨烯晶粒尺寸之研究
★ 電漿輔助低溫化學氣相沉積法直接成長石墨烯/金屬複合透明導電薄膜★ 快速退火生長高品質石墨烯
★ 改善石墨烯轉印品質之研究★ 暗場顯微鏡系統監控石墨烯成長之研究
★ 以射頻磁控濺鍍鍍製多層有機矽阻障層研究★ 真空聚合物薄膜在三維曲面研究
★ 化學氣相沉積石墨烯透明導電膜之製程與分析★ 超薄類鑽碳膜之研究
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摘要(中) 本文介紹了一種完全基於有限元方法的多層介質衍射光栅(MDGs)的特性和評估方法,該方法是工程領域的一種重要而高效的工具。本研究的目的是建立多層介質反射光栅高效率的要求,以滿足規定的效能標準。採用多參數計算方法對不同形狀光栅的繞射效率和電場分佈進行了評估。成功地將電場分佈應用於各種類型的衍射光栅形狀,從光栅形狀和入射光參數兩方面確定了最佳的衍射光栅參數。
利用COMSOL和Essential Macleod,提出了一種組合有限元法(FEM)和薄膜優化方法。
摘要(英) This thesis presents the work on the characterization and evaluation of a MDGs based wholly on finite element method, which acts as an important and efficiency tool in engineer field. The aim of the study was to establish requirements for the high efficiency of multilayer dielectric reflection grating to satisfy stated performance criteria. Several parameter calculations were employed to assess diffraction efficiency and electric field distribution of various grating shapes. Electric field distribution was successfully employed for various types of diffraction grating shapes to determine the optimal diffraction grating parameters in terms of grating shapes and incident light parameters.
The results obtained have demonstrated that gratings shapes affect the diffraction efficiencies for both polarization state. The results also showed that the numerical COMSOL is a suitable tool for the prediction of diffraction efficiency of MDGs. A MDGs structure is proposed for the high diffraction efficiency grating based on parameter sweeping using COMSOL Multiphysics. The outcomes show that by changing multilayer structure, the diffraction efficiency of MDGs is improved.
A combined Finite Element Method FEM and thin films optimization have been developed using COMSOL and Essential Macleod.
關鍵字(中) ★ MDGs
★ 有限元法
★ 繞射
★ 光柵
★ 衍射
關鍵字(英) ★ MDGs
★ Finite Element Method
★ Beam-combining
★ Gratings
★ Diffraction
論文目次 中文摘要 i
Abstract i
List of figures v
List of tables viii
List of Abbreviations ix
2.1. Historical overview 4
2.2. Papers review 7
2.3. Basic concepts 12
2.3.1. Diffraction theory 12
2.3.2. Littrow mounting 15
2.3.3. Beam quality factor 16
2.3.4. Angular dispersion 17
2.3.5. Effective index 18
2.3.6. Laser-induced Damage Threshold 21
2.3.7. Multilayer High-reflectance Coatings 22
3.1. Finite element modeling 24
3.2. COMSOL Multiphysics® [38,46] 25
3.3. Essential Macleod 27
3.4. MDGs structure description 27
4.1. Different grating shapes 35
4.2. Optimization process 49
References 64
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