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論文名稱 NBA球員薪資探討
★ 探討大陸面板廠崛起中專利扮演之角色★ 職棒選秀與球員表現關係之分析-以中華職棒本土打者為例
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摘要(中) 中文摘要
美國國家籃球協會(National Basketball Association,簡稱NBA)是世界職業籃球最頂尖的組織,而它也是推廣程度以及市場化優秀的職業運動聯盟之一,多數球員薪資令人羨慕。
本研究主要是探討2009年到2018年共十年的時間,NBA球員們的薪資隨著年齡增長、比賽績效等因素,是否與球員薪資呈現正相關性。根據美國籃球數據網站Basketball Reference所整理的相關數據顯示,在聯盟實力備受球迷、媒體高度關注的球員,獲得比他人優渥的薪資待遇;例如洛杉磯湖人隊Kobe Bryant、金州勇士隊Stephen Curry等;這2位球員確有隨著年齡增加,取得愈多年薪情況。此類情況發生原因有球員自己在賽場上的績效數據排名在聯盟前段班,對球隊的貢獻程度等,確實是讓球隊老闆為了維持球隊競爭力願意提高薪資留住球員絕對考量因素。

關鍵字: 球員薪資、最小平方法
摘要(英) Abstract
NBA(National Basketball Association) is the best professional basketball organization in the world. It is also one of professional sport league with more population and well marketing condition.
The purpose of this article is mainly investigating the salary difference between basketball players in NBA. What we want to figure out is a player can earn more yearly with aging,performance and other factors. According to Basketball Reference,one of US basketball data website,players who get high attention by fans and media can earn more munificent payroll than others. For instance,Kobe Bryant(Los Angeles Lakers), Stephen Curry( Golden State Warriors),and so on. These two players are satisfied with what we previously mention. The reason why they can get a great deal of money is that their performances are on top rank in the league,and they have big impact on their team. So the owner of the franchise is willing to pay more on players like them so as to maintain its competition in the league.
This essay uses a data which contains thirty teams in recent ten years. Combined with OLS statistic method,it shows that salary high or low is related with players′ situation or not;moreover,different positions should take in consideration yearly. Last,other factors(race、all star game selection,etc) put in the model to proof players′ salary is affected directly by these variables via a fit statistic model.
Finally,the empirical results show that nationality,all star selection,performance,and field goal percentage have a big impact on players′ salary. But race does not have an influence on it. Among all the independent variables,ASG has the most influence on the model,which points out a player becomes an all star in the league,he can earn more payroll than that does not have a chance to participate all star game.
Keywords: player salary;OLS statistic method
關鍵字(中) ★ 球員薪資
★ 最小平方法
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第一節 研究動機 1
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第三節 研究方法 4
第二章 文獻回顧 5
第一節 影響球員薪資的因素 5
第二節 球員權利爭取 6
第三節 球員在聯盟中的影響力 7
第四節 相關設施的建立 8
第三章 模型建置 10
第一節 統計方法 10
第二節 資料來源 15
第三節 樣本敘述統計 16
第四章 實證結果 19
第一節 模型1實證分析 19
第二節 模型2實證分析 20
第三節 模型3實證分析 21
第五章 結論 24
附註 25
參考文獻 27
圖1甲骨文球館 9
圖2大通中心 9
圖3聯盟球員種族比例分布情形 16
圖4聯盟球員國籍比例分布情形 17
參考文獻 參考文獻
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指導教授 陳忠榮 王明禮(Jong-Rong Chen Ming-Li Wang) 審核日期 2019-7-16
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