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(VAP : An AutoPatch Mechanism for Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities in Source Code)
★ USB WORM KILLER: Cure USB Flash Worms Through a USB Flash Worm★ Discoverer- Rootkit即時偵測系統
★ 一項Android手機上詐騙簡訊的偵測與防禦機制★ SRA系統防禦ARP欺騙劫持路由器
★ A Solution for Detecting and Defending ARP Spoofing on Virtual Machines★ 針對遠端緩衝區溢位攻擊之自動化即時反擊系統
★ 即時血清系統: 具攻性防壁之自動化蠕蟲治癒系統★ DNSPD: Entrap Botnets Through DNS Cache Poisoning Detection
★ TransSQL: A Translation and Validation-based Solution for SQL-Injection Attacks★ A Spam Mail-based Solution for Botnet Detection and Network Bandwidth Protection
★ Shark: Phishing Information Recycling from Spam Mails★ FFRTD: Beat Fast-Flux by Response Time Differences
★ Antivirus Software Shield against Antivirus Terminators★ MAC-YURI : My ACcount, YoUr ResponsIbility
★ KKBB: Kernel Keylogger Bye-Bye★ CIDP Treatment: An Innovative Mobile Botnet Covert Channel based on Caller IDs with P8 Treatment
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摘要(中) 緩衝區溢位攻擊一直是常見的軟體攻擊手法之一,程式設計師一不

LLVM Pass 的形式,讓使用者能自由選擇使用或融入編譯鏈結過程中的
摘要(英) Buffer overflow attacks have been one of the most common approaches of software attacks. This kind of vulnerabilities may occur if the programmer does not write code carefully. Although fixing the vulnerability itself is simple, buffer overflow attacks appear frequently and continuously. In addition, since it can control the important data structures, the damage it caused is quite severe. As a result, it is one of the thorny issues that have to be solved without a doubt.

In the past, there are many research whose defense methods can detect the occurrence of buffer overflow and terminate the process immediately. This paper presents a different way: by statically analyzing the intermediate representation code, we can automatically check and patch the input functions which often cause buffer overflow, so that the program can run safely and correctly. Furthermore, we implement the system as a LLVM Pass; therefore, users can use it depending on their requirements.
關鍵字(中) ★ 緩衝區溢位
★ 自動修補
關鍵字(英) ★ Buffer Overflow
★ AutoPatch
論文目次 摘要 i
Abstract ii
誌謝 iii
目錄 iv
圖目錄 vi
表目錄 viii
第1 章緒 1
第2 章背景介紹 3
2.1 Buffer Overflow 3
2.2 常用輸入函式 4
2.2.1 gets 4
2.2.2 fgets 5
2.2.3 read 5
2.2.4 scanf 6
2.3 LLVM 6
2.4 LLVM IR 7
2.5 LLVM Pass 8
第3 章系統架構與實作 9
3.1 系統功能 9
3.2 系統實作 9
3.3 系統架構 10
3.4 系統Data Path 11
3.5 系統元件 12
3.5.1 Parameter Handler 12
3.5.2 Overflow Detector Invocation Injector 12
3.5.3 Checker 13
3.5.4 Patcher 16
3.5.5 Dynamic Size Patcher Injector 17
第4 章實驗評估 19
4.1 實驗環境 19
4.2 實驗對象 19
4.3 實驗流程與結果 20
4.4 效能評估 23
第5 章相關研究 24
5.1 偵測修補 24
5.1.1 AddressSanitizer 24
5.1.2 Mudflap 25
5.2 漏洞修補 25
5.2.1 AutoPaG 25
5.2.2 Rule-Based Approach 26
第6 章討論 27
6.1 Future Work 27
6.2 Binary Rewriting Without Source Code 27
6.2.1 Mcsema 27
6.2.2 RetDec 28
第7 章總結 29
參考文獻 30
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