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姓名 林怡廷(Yi-Ting Lin)  查詢紙本館藏   畢業系所 英美語文學系
(Identity and Self-Fulfillment in Louisa May Alcott′s Little Women)
★ 霍桑小說中的罪與同情★ 弦外之音:惠特曼詩中的超越觀
★ 梭羅理想與現實之探討★ 愛默生對自然與社會之超越觀
★ 博愛世界的願景:雪萊作品中理想與現實的探討★ Trust and Trustworthiness in Hardy’s The Mayor of Casterbridge
★ 瑪麗.雪梨及其創作:再探<<科學怪人>>之文學地位★ 奧斯卡王爾德作品中的自由美學
★ 野蠻的吶喊:惠特曼作品中的自然、博愛及普世★ ?白鯨記?中浪漫主義與喀爾文教義之調和
★ 《簡 愛》中的傳統與革新之研究★ Tragic View of Life in Thomas Hardy′s Three Novels
★ 柯勒律治詩作研究:愛的概念體現★ 擺盪於理想與現實之間: 羅伯特‧布朗寧詩選之研究
★ 建造空中樓閣:《湖濱散記》中梭羅的改革理念探討★ Isabel Archer as a “Fortune-Hunter” in The Portrait of a Lady
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摘要(中) 《小婦人》是一本類似於家庭日記的小說,這是透過作者的真實生活及童年經歷寫成。此篇論文主要是探討四位女主角梅格,喬,伊莉莎白,艾美 (Meg, Jo, Elizabeth, Amy) 自我認同的心理發展。
此篇論文共分成五部分。第一章是介紹本文,說明作者的成長背景以及《小婦人》與作者的關係。此外,在第一章也會提及撰寫本文的動機與目的。 在第二章,闡述青少年在發展自我認同時可能遇到的困境, 藉由弗洛伊德的人格結構理論來探討《小婦人》中角色的人格發展。透過比較喬與梅格不同的選擇來闡述他們的女性自主意識。
摘要(英) Little Women is a literary work similar in style to a family diary. It is generally based on the real-life and childhood experience of Louisa May Alcott. This thesis mainly applies the psychological theory of self-identification to the analysis of the four main characters, Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy.
This thesis is divided into five parts. The first chapter is comprised of an introduction to this thesis, explaining the author′s background and the relationship between the novel Little Women and the author. In addition, the motivation and purpose of writing this thesis will also be mentioned in the first chapter.
In Chapter II, the dilemma that teenagers encounter when developing self-identity will be explained. In addition, I will use Freud′s personality structure to explore the development of the personality of the characters in Little Women. By comparing Jo′s and Meg′s different choices, this thesis will illustrate their awareness of femininity.
Chapter III examines the characters and the plot, especially comparing the characteristics of Jo with her other sisters. I would like to discuss how Jo displays her unfemale temperament. Her behavior deviates from what is expected of women at that time.
Practicing self-actualization has never been a simple thing for Jo. In Chapter IV, therefore, I will focus on Jo’s future development. The analysis in this chapter includes her interaction with family members and lovers to explore how she practices self-realization.
Finally, the conclusion reiterates the subject of this thesis: The March sisters have advanced ideas that are different from those of traditional women. Moreover, by reading Little Women, readers may understand the importance of developing self-identity, thereby learning from the different experiences and the lives of the four sisters.
關鍵字(中) ★ 身分認同
★ 個人發展
★ 自我實現
★ 女性權益
★ 維多利亞時代
★ 美國文學
論文目次 Abstract i
Chinese Abstract ii
Acknowledgements iii
Chapter I Introduction 1
Chapter II Self- Awareness and Identity in Jo and Meg 14
Chapter III Social Expectations and Nonconformity 29
Chapter IV Self- Fulfillment in Jo 47
Chapter V Conclusion 63
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