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姓名 張玉芬(Yu-Fen Chang)  查詢紙本館藏   畢業系所 英美語文學系
論文名稱 基進女性主義母職︰重思芮曲與費爾史東
(Radical Feminists on Motherhood: Adrienne Rich and Shulamith Firestone Reconsidered)
★ 新科技、商品化及女性:烏蘇拉.胡斯論消費勞動★ LGBT非政府組織的聯合國倡導
★  The Question of A Feminist Subject in Li Ang★  Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s Critique of Feminine Domesticity: The Yellow Wallpaper and Herland
★ Perverse Penumbrae in Exile: Multiple Technologies of Sexual Policing and Discipline in Crystal Boys★ 主體言說?--影集「慾望城市」的傅柯權力分析
★ 一個再現的問題:閱讀天堂電話不通中的知識份子和賤民★ 從白先勇孽子到公視孽子
★ 三位亞美女作家的雙重書寫★ 弱勢酷兒的文本政治:閱讀《羅莉塔》、《繁花聖母》、《天河撩亂》
★ Gay Rave Culture and HIV Prevention: A Subcultural Intervention in Public Policy★ No Shame in the Game of Love: On Killing Husband and Osmanthus Alley
★ “Bad Habits”: Bisexual Practices in Taiwan as Tactics of Sexual Politics★ 批判2003年至2009年台灣的反人口販運運動
★ 情感裂隙與酷兒(對抗)位置性:當代台灣男同志E藥文化中的性與親密關係★ 張亦絢<<壞掉時候>>與<<最好的時光>>中的糾結情感
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摘要(中) 本論文的研究重點在於女性主義的母職論述。在台灣的女性主義文本中,本地女性主義者對母職的態度一直曖昧不清。大多是將母職視為社會或文化問題,而沒有探索和發掘其身體及心理的意義。然而,代理孕母的議題使得女性主義者也不得不面對母職的基進層面--身體與生殖。大多數台灣女性主義者相信代理孕母是父權壓迫女性的新形式,但另有其他人認為代理孕母將從基本上鬆動父權。
摘要(英) The focal issue in this thesis is feminist discourses on motherhood. In Taiwan feminist texts, local feminists’attitudes toward motherhood are ambiguous. They mainly treated motherhood as a social and cultural problem, without exploring and discovering the physical and psychological meanings. However, the issue of surrogate motherhood forces feminists to face the radical level of motherhood—body and reproduction. Most of the Taiwan feminists believe surrogate motherhood is a new way of women’s oppression of patriarchal motherhood. But some others argue surrogate motherhood will shake the patriarchy in a fundamental way.
To reconsider motherhood radically, I reread Adrienne Rich’s Of Woman Born and Shulamith Firestone’s The Dialectic of Sex. Rich has critically pondered her own experiences of motherhood radically both in terms of physiology and psychology. She believes that the motherhood could be powerful and enjoyable, but the patriarchal institution has made it suffering. Therefore she goes on exploring the stigmatized potentials of motherhood. On the contrary, Firestone thinks motherhood is repressive in itself. She argues reproduction is the original division of labor. Only the technology of artificial reproduction can liberate women from the root of women’s oppression. Although Rich’s and Firestone’s viewpoints are different and even opposite, both of them mean to empowering women and mothers. Their radical arguments are worth reconsidering to enrich and enlarge local feminist perspectives on motherhood.
關鍵字(中) ★ 基進女性主義
★ 家庭
★ 父權
★ 母職
★ 生殖
★ 人工生殖
關鍵字(英) ★ reporduction
★ artificial reproduction
★ radical feminism
★ family
★ patruarchy
★ motherhood
論文目次 Chapter 1. Introduction ...................................1
Chapter 2. Rich: Motherhood as the Source of Power .......14
I. The Institution of Motherhood .................15
II. The Physiology of Motherhood .................22
III. The Psychology of Motherhood ................28
Chapter 3. Firestone: Motherhood as the Root of Oppression.36
I. Freudianism in a Feminist-Materialist Sense ....38
II. History of the Family .........................41
III. Reproduction and Technology ..................46
Chapter 4. Conclusion .....................................50
Bibliography ...............................................59
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