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論文名稱 高效能Ni80Fe15Mo5電磁式微致動器之設計與製作
(On the Design and Fabrication of a Highly Efficient Ni80Fe15Mo5 Electromagnetic Microactuator)
★ 銅導線上鍍鎳或錫對遷移性之影響及鍍金之鎳/銅銲墊與Sn-3.5Ag BGA銲料迴銲之金脆研究★ 單軸步進運動陽極在瓦茲鍍浴中進行微電析鎳過程之監測與解析
★ 光電化學蝕刻n-型(100)單晶矽獲得矩陣排列之巨孔洞研究★ 銅箔基板在H2O2/H2SO4溶液中之微蝕行為
★ 助銲劑對迴銲後Sn-3Ag-0.5Cu電化學遷移之影響★ 塗佈奈米銀p型矽(100)在NH4F/H2O2 水溶液中之電化學蝕刻行為
★ 銅導線上鍍金或鎳/金對遷移性之影響及鍍金層對Sn-0.7Cu與In-48Sn BGA銲料迴銲後之接點強度影響★ 含氮、硫雜環有機物對鍋爐鹼洗之腐蝕抑制行為研究
★ 銦、錫金屬、合金與其氧化物的陽極拋光行為探討★ n-型(100)矽單晶巨孔洞之電化學研究
★ 鋁在酸性溶液中孔蝕行為研究★ 微陽極引導電鍍與監測
★ 鍍金層對Bi-43Sn與Sn-9Zn BGA銲料迴銲後之接點強度影響及二元銲錫在不同溶液之電解質遷移行為★ 人體血清白蛋白構形改變之電化學及表面電漿共振分析研究
★ 光電化學蝕刻製作n-型(100)矽質微米巨孔 陣列及連續壁結構★ 微陽極導引電鍍法製作微銅柱及銅柵欄之研究
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摘要(中) 本研究提出一個創新的高效能電磁式微致動器,此設計能夠以低驅動電流產生高磁通密度,並且具有位移量大與力量大以及低電磁干擾的特性。致動器是由電磁體與可動結構間隔28μm經過晶片接合而成的,而電磁體是以軟磁性材料Ni80Fe15Mo5薄殼包覆,這樣可以有效的降低漏磁,也就是能夠更有效的利用磁場,其中以有限元素法找出最佳的結構尺寸,另外也以數學解析的方式驗證此結構的特性。
此致動器的製作利用體型微加工技術與電鍍supermalloy (Ni80Fe15Mo5)合金,以Ni80Fe15Mo5製作磁性核,薄殼,可動板來取代傳統的permalloy (Ni80Fe20)。以奈米微壓痕儀測試由四根懸臂樑支撐的可動結構,其結構剛性為45μN/μm。當在平面線圈中通入293mA時,可以產生27.6μm的位移量,此時致動器所產生的力量為1240μN,與近幾年類似的致動器比較發現此致動器具有較低的驅動電流、較大的位移量與較大的力量。
摘要(英) A highly efficient electromagnetic microactuator that is capable of achieving large out-of-plane displacement and large force via passing through a small current density was designed and fabricated in this work. The actuator is assembled by one electromagnetic core (winded with copper coils) and a moving plate (supported with four suspended beams) with a spacing of 28μm. The electromagnet was packed in a Ni80Fe15Mo5 shell for diminishing the loss of magnetic flux. Finite element method was used to find out the possibly best design which is confirmed by theoretical analysis in magnetic paths.
Bulk micromachining and electroplating of supermalloy (Ni80Fe15Mo5) were used in the fabrication of electromagnetic microactuator. Supermalloy was considered as the material of the electromagnetic core, shielding shell, moving plate with suspended beams rather than the conventional permalloy. The movable plate in the microactuator was tested with a nanoindenter. The stiffness is calculated to be 45μN/μm. Passing the current (with 293mA) through the copper coil of the electromagnet, the displacement of the moving plate, towards the electromagnet, measured by microtrak was 27.6μm. The exerted magnetic force is at 1240μN. These results show the microactuator with Ni80Fe15Mo5 alloy is efficient in producing large force and displacement.
關鍵字(中) ★ 微致動器
★ 鎳鐵鉬
★ 電鍍
★ 銅
關鍵字(英) ★ microactuator
★ NiFeMo
★ electroplate
★ Cu
論文目次 Chinese abstract (中文摘要) Ⅰ
Abstract II
Acknowledgement IV
Contents V
Table contents IX
Figure contents X
Chapter 1、Introduction 1
Chapter 2、Types of microactuators and their fabrication 4
2.1、Types of microactuators 4
2.2、Fabrication of the microactuator 6
2.2.1、Surface micromachining 6
2.2.2、Bulk micromachining 8
2.2.3、Bonding technology 8
Chapter 3、Literature survey 10
3.1、Electromagnetic microactuator 10
3.2、Electroplating 12
3.2.1、Copper electroplating 13
3.2.2、Alloy electroplating of Ni-Fe-Mo 14
Chapter 4、Design theory on electromagnetic microactuator 19
4.1、The FEM simulation of the microactuator 20
4.2、The analytical solution of the microactuator 21
4.3、Comparison between the analytical solution and FEM simulation 25
Chapter 5、Experimental details 26
5.1、Experimental procedures 26
5.1.1、Sample preparation 26
5.1.2、Electroplating of copper on silicon wafer 27
5.1.3、Electroplating of NiFeMo on silicon wafer 28
5.1.4、Fabrication of electromagnetic microactuator 29、Fabrication of an electromagnet unit covered with a shell of Ni80Fe15Mo5 alloy 30、Fabrication of the moving plate of Ni80Fe15Mo5 alloy with four-suspended-beam structure 33
5.2、Experimental equipment 35
5.2.1、Experimental instrument 35
5.2.2、Assaying instrument 37
Chapter 6、Results 39
6.1、The analysis of electroplating copper 39
6.2、The analysis of electroplating Ni-Fe-Mo 41
6.2.1、The composition of electroplating Ni-Fe-Mo 41
6.2.2、The magnetic analysis of electroplating Ni-Fe-Mo 45
6.2.3、The TEM of Ni-Fe-Mo 47
6.3、The performance of the electromagnetic microactuator 48
Chapter 7、Discussions 51
7.1、Electroplating copper 51
7.2、The composition of Ni-Fe-Mo alloy 51
7.3、The magnetism of Ni-Fe-Mo alloy 54
7.4、The relationship of the magnetism and the microstructure 54
7.5、Choice of insulator 55
7.6、Conditions for wetting and drying etching 55
7.7、Comparison of Ni80Fe20 and Ni80Fe15Mo5 56
7.8、Comparison of electromagnetic microactuators 56
Chapter 8、Conclusions 57
Chapter 9、Future work 58
References 59
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