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論文名稱 IT治理原則與施行之個案研究
(The principles and a case study of IT governance)
★ 企業採用資訊交換平台之影響因素-以國內投信及證券業為例★ 組織文化與知識管理科技採用關係之探討
★ 企業資源規劃系統與組織知識分享關係之探討★ 企業流程再造與企業資源規劃系統效益間關係之探索性研究
★ 引用本體論至相關文件檢索之研究★ 政府機關推行網路申辦業務的影響因素-以土地、建物買賣登記為例
★ 內容調整之網路最適化模擬
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摘要(中) 公司治理在國內已是普遍熟悉的觀念與制度,且已為多數有制度的公司所接受與施行,公司內部的管理完善程度的評量, 愈完善透明管理愈為投資人喜歡, 因而有助於公司股價的提升。而IT治理在國內則是較新的觀念,由於科技投資對公司營運與競爭息息相關,且金額龐大,因此對如何創造優質的管理程序,已越來越成為企業主管所關注的重要議題。如何訂定對資訊科技的採購權與創造效益的責任分層負責結構,以鼓勵並引導企業對IT運用之互動與決策所期望的行為,是本研究所要探討的方向。
摘要(英) Information technology is getting increasingly important and has been a key successful factor for most companies. IT governance is a new notion worldwide which originally derived from corporate governance. IT governance simultaneously empowers and controls just like corporate governance does. The motivation of this study is to enhance the understanding of this newly recognized management mechanism, as well as to explore IT governance related issues through a case study of a Taiwan bank.
This paper summaries and reports the new IT governance core concepts, which including the definitions, goals, scope of IT governance, and the relationship between corporate and IT governance. The four IT governance supporting models: COBIT (Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology), ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library), ISO/IEC17799, PRINCE2 (Projects In Controlled Environments). The six decision models: Business Monarchy, IT Monarchy, Feudal, Federal, duopoly and Anarchy among five IT governance dimensions: IT Principle, IT Architecture, IT Infrastructure, Business Application Needs, IT Investment and Prioritization. To achieve the research purpose, a large Taiwan based bank was chosen as the case study target company. After implementing a detailed interview, an analysis of the implementation of IT governance in this bank is presented. Lastly, to apply the case study result, we also pinpoint the future directions for this case bank to further improving the performance of IT governance.
The contribution of this paper is first to assist managers to recognize and understand IT governance and to provide a real implementation case study for reference. The result is particularly valuable because this case study might be the first of her kind in Taiwan with respect to IT governance. This paper indicates the fineness level and transparency of IT governance affect the confidence of investors. The case bank does benefit from the incorporation of IT governance. There exist a positive relationship between information transparency and management system efficiency.
關鍵字(中) ★ 決策模式
★ 稽核
★ 公司治理
★ 資訊技術治理
關鍵字(英) ★ Auditing
★ Decision Model
★ Corporate Governance
★ Information Technology Governance
論文目次 第一章 緒論 1
第二章 文獻探討 2
第一節 從公司治理到IT治理 3
第二節 IT治理的定義、目標和範圍 10
第三節 IT治理的支援手段與架構模型 15
第四節 IT治理架構與決策模式之關係 27
第五節 IT治理在組織中的應用指南與成熟度模型 31
第三章 研究方法 36
第一節 研究架構與方法 36
第二節 訪談主題摘要 37
第三節 研究限制 38
第四章 個案研究 39
第一節 個案銀行之IT基礎架構與現況描述 39
第二節 個案銀行之IT管理架構與未來發展方向 45
第三節 個案銀行之IT主管訪談內容結果摘要 58
第四節 個案銀行在IT治理的決策模式與應用 61
第五節 個案銀行在未來IT治理的支援手段與應用 63
第五章 結論與建議 67
參考文獻 69
英文部分 69
中文部分 70
網站資料 71
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指導教授 鄭裕勤(Eric Y. Cheng) 審核日期 2005-7-12
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