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姓名 林運增(Yun-tseng Lin)  查詢紙本館藏   畢業系所 英美語文學系
論文名稱 《葛蒂娃》(之外的)戀物式閱讀:一個史學觀點
(A Fetishistic Reading (out) of Gradiva: A Historiographical Perspective)
★ Nabokov’s Uncanny:The Transformation of Psychoanalysis in Pale Fire★ 慾望科技:閱過科幻小說
★ 評者之限(陷):愛倫坡,波赫士,與偵探小說★ 從性慾物體到性感主體: Spa 熱潮中的新興身體政治
★ 模影失焦:快照攝影與文化工業★ 時間機器:文明退化與不滿
★ 以貌取書:論譚恩美《接骨師的女兒》中東方的再製與再現★ 享樂與現實之間:李小龍功夫電影中的幻想
★ 夢、寫作與自白:以精神分析方法閱讀湯瑪士得昆西之 <一個英國鴉片吸食者的自白>★ 家關何處: 以尼爾.蓋曼《無有鄉》論述幻奇作為欲望文學
★ 從危機到創傷:『碧廬冤孽』中現代主義者的鬼魂★ 好萊塢電影的佛學轉向: 《駭客任務》、《隔離島》與《全面啟動》中的佛學空性智慧
★ 從鄭捷事件為出發點檢視當代台灣自戀論述
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摘要(中) 本文主張,德語作家威廉.詹森所著的中篇小說《葛蒂娃》其實是一種文
摘要(英) As the textual wish-fulfillment of the historical reality in which the
Italian archaeologist as national subject (Fiorelli Giuseppe) could not resolve
the death drive for the father figures of Pope Pius IX and conservative rulers
of 19th-century Italy as well as the erotic desire for Pompeii, which I
characterize as the mother of historical plenitude, the novella Gradiva by
Wilhelm Jensen, as I read it, can be interpreted as site of textual unconscious
in which the national subject, Norbert Hanold—a fictional character of a
German archaeologist, identified with his own archaeologist father, the
representative of the father of the German nation as well as Zoe’s father
whose role as father allowed him to transit from a perverse subject of
fetishism into a functional, normative national subject.
關鍵字(中) ★ 威廉.詹森
★ 《葛蒂娃》
★ 伊底帕斯情節
★ 費歐力.吉斯普
關鍵字(英) ★ Oedipus Complex
★ Gradiva
★ Fiorelli Giuseppe
★ Wilhelm Jensen
CHINESE ABSTRACT-----------------------------------------------III
ENGLISH ABSTRACT-----------------------------------------------IV
CHAPTER I-----------------------------------------------01
CHAPTER II----------------------------------------------24
CHAPTER III---------------------------------------------50
CHAPTER IV-Conclusion-------------------------------81
WORKS CITED-------------------------------------------83
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