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姓名 何愛玲(Ai-ling Ho)  查詢紙本館藏   畢業系所 物理學系
論文名稱 模型細胞膜(含有相同碳鏈的PC/PE)存在或缺乏固醇類的物理性質
(The Physical Properties of Model Membranes Composed of PC and PE with Identical Acyl Chain in the Presence and Absence of Sterol.)
★ 用氘核磁共振儀研究含高濃度麥角脂醇的DPPC人造膜之分子交交互作用★ Fluorescence study of lipid membranes containing sterol
★ 含固醇的脂質雙層膜的形態及相行為的研究★ The effects of composition and thermal history on the properties of supported lipid bilayers
★ The effect of sterol on the POPE/DPPC membranes★ 麥角固醇對含膽固醇的脂雙層膜的影響
★ Deuterium NMR Study of the Effect of Stigmasterol on POPE Membranes★ 運用氘核磁共振儀研究POPC/cholesterol膜之物理性質
★ 運用氘核磁共振研究DPPC/POPE/sterol人造細胞膜之物理性質★ Phase Behavior and Molecular Interactions of Membranes Containing Phosphatidylcholines and Sterol: A Deuterium NMR Study
★ The physical properties of phytosterol-containing lipid bilayers★ An AFM Study on Supported Lipid Bilayers with and without Sterol
★ β-谷固醇對POPE膜物理特性的影響★ 固醇結構對PC膜物理特性的影響
★ 人造細胞膜的相行為及脂質-固醇交互作用之研究★ 非接觸式無機液晶配向與混合型液晶元件之 光電性質研究
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摘要(中) 我們的研究分為兩部分:(I)兩種成分的細胞膜:POPC、POPE;(II)三種成分的細胞膜:POPC、POPE、sterol。利用2H-NMR和DSC,測得POPC/POPE細胞膜的相行為會隨著POPE濃度及溫度而改變。在2H-NMR中,我們以氘取代POPC及POPE sn-1鏈上的氫,來量測POPC及POPE的行為。我們是第一位提出POPE濃度從0到60mol%對溫度的相圖。在相圖上發現一個大範圍的膠態(gel-phase)及液晶態(lc-phase)之兩態共存區。且發現在低於十七度時,POPC及POPE並不是混合得相當均勻,只有在超過十七度時,才有較均勻的混合。
利用POPC及POPE上的氘,2H-NMR測得POPC/POPE細胞膜出現固醇類時(1:1:1 POPC/POPE/ergosterol及1:1:1 POPC/POPE/cholesterol) 的相行為會隨著POPE濃度及溫度而改變。實驗中發現,這兩種固醇,在膠態會降低POPC/POPE (1:1)膜的有序程度,但在液晶態卻能增加POPC/POPE (1:1)膜的有序程度,且麥角酯醇的效應低於膽固醇。在沒有固醇類的情況下,POPC及POPE只能在某些溫度下混合均勻,而混合不均勻的溫度區域,在加入麥角酯醇及膽固醇後,有助於POPC及POPE的混合。此外,對於麥角酯醇幫助POPC/POPE膜均勻混合的能力而言,其作用的溫度範圍明顯小於膽固醇。
摘要(英) We investigate two-component membranes composed of POPE and POPC, and three-component membranes composed of POPE, POPC and sterol. The phase behavior of POPC/POPE membranes was studied as a function of POPE concentration and temperature by 2H-NMR and DSC. For 2H-NMR measurements, POPC and POPE were deuterium labeled alternatively such that the behavior of both POPC and POPE can be observed. We present the first temperature-composition diagram for POPE concentration range from 0 to 60 mol%. Coexistence of the gel and lc phases is observed over a wide temperature and composition range. It is found that POPC and POPE do not mix well in 1:1 POPC/POPE below17℃, but mix well above 17℃.
To investigate the properties of POPC/POPE membranes in the presence of sterol, 1:1:1 POPC/POPE/ergosterol and 1:1:1 POPC/POPE/cholesterol were studied as a function of temperature by 2H-NMR, with POPC and POPE deuterium labeled alternatively. We show that the presence of ergosterol (or cholesterol) disorders gel-phase POPC/POPE (1:1) membranes, whereas orders lc-phase POPC /POPE (1:1) membranes. The effect of ergosterol is weaker than cholesterol. Furthermore, the presence of ergosterol (or cholesterol) modulates the mixing properties of POPC/POPE membranes. POPC and POPE mix well in some temperature range, where they are poorly mixed in the absence of sterol. The enhancement of mixing of of POPC/POPE membranes by ergosterol is observed in a temperature range narrower than that by cholesterol.
關鍵字(中) ★ 膽固醇
★ 氘核磁共振
★ 示差掃描量熱儀
★ 麥角酯醇
關鍵字(英) ★ cholesterol
★ ergosterol
★ phospholipid
★ sterol
★ 2H-NMR
論文目次 Chapter 1 Introduction 1
Chapter 2 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) 6
2.1 Fundamental of 2H-NMR 6
2.2 Quadrupolar Effect 10
2.3 First Moment (M1) 12
Chapter 3 Experimental Materials and Methods 14
3.1 Sample preparation 14
3.1.1 NMR Samples 14
3.1.2 DSC Samples 15
3.2 NMR Apparatus 16
3.2.1 Pulsed NMR Spectrometer 16
3.2.2 Pulse Sequences 18
3.3 DSC Apparatus 20
Chapter 4 Binary Mixtures of POPC and POPE 23
4.1 NMR Results 23
4.1.1 Spectra of Labeled POPC 23
4.1.2 Fist Moment (M1) of Labeled POPC 25
4.1.3 Spectra of Labeled POPE 27
4.1.4 Fist Moment of Labeled POPE 29
4.1.5 Analysis on 50:50 POPC/POPE data 30
4.2 DSC Thermograph 36
4.3 Phase Diagram 38
Chapter 5 Ternary Mixtures 41
5.1 1:1 POPC/POPE ergosterol mixtures 41
5.2 1:1:1 POPC/POPE/cholesterol mixtures 46
5.3 CD-bond order parameter profiles 47
5.4 The Effects of Ergosterol and Cholesterol 49
Chapter 6 Conclusion 52
References 55
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