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姓名 楊子欣(Tzn-Hsin Yang)  查詢紙本館藏   畢業系所 機械工程學系
論文名稱 大型犬人工髖關節之應力分析
(Stress Analysis of the Canine Femoral Prosthesis)
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摘要(中) 在不同動作時犬股骨的應力分佈資訊對獸醫執行手術及工程師設計植入物時是非常重要的,以有限元素法來分析應力及評估人工髖關節之優劣是目前常見的方式,因此,本研究希望能建立一完整的3D黃金獵犬股骨實體模型,且探討植入物(林上智老師設計)在植入後其股骨的應力分佈情形,並與完整股骨做比較,藉此評估此人工髖關節在臨床上的可行性,並作為日後手術或其他學術研究的參考。
摘要(英) Information regarding the stresses and strains in the canine femur during various activities is important for veterinary orthopeadic surgeons, engineers designing implants for dogs. Finite element analysis has commomly been used to investigate the effect of stress distribution following hip replacement. Therefore, the objective of the current study is to reconstruct the three-dimensional solid model of GOLDEN RETRIEVER and investigate the biomechanical performance of a prosthesis(designed by Dr. Lin)by comparing the stress distributions with the intact canine femur. Assess this prosthesis and face the feasibility in clinic, is regarded as the reference of future operation or other academic research by this.
An image-processing software(Armira)was used to process the sectional computed tomography images of a GOLDEN RETRIEVER femur and to reconstruct the solid model of the bone. Then the solid model of the bone was transferred to a CAD program(Soliworks)to simulate the implantation of a hip prosthesis. Finally, the finite element analysis was performed using a finite element package(Cosmos)with the proper setting of boundary and losding conditions.
The results can be summarized as : the torsion and the bending moment was occurred on the femur and the peak effective stress was reached at the caudo-medial diaphysis. We found that the implanted femur has physiological stress distribution on the intact femur. Furthermore, as far as prosthesis be concerned the peak tensile stress occurred in the hole of the posterior diaphysis. Nevertheless, the prosthesis was not broken. It can provide immediate stabilization of the implant and the preservation of endosteal vascularity.
關鍵字(中) ★ 應力
★ 犬股骨
★ 人工髖關節
★ 有限元素分析
關鍵字(英) ★ Canine femur
★ Stress
★ Prosthesis
★ Finite element analysis
論文目次 摘要 I
Abstract II
致謝文 III
目錄 IV
圖目錄 VI
表目錄 VIII
第一章:緒論 1
1-1 研究動機與目的 1
1-2 研究背景 2
1-2-1 CAD模型建立與有限元素前處理 2
1-2-2 人工股骨柄 6
1-3 犬之髖關節解剖學與病理學 8
1-3-1 犬之髖關節解剖學 8
1-3-2犬之髖關節病理學 9
1-3-2-1犬髖關節退化症(Canine hip dysplasia) 9
1-3-2-2 髖關節疾病的臨床徵狀 10
1-3-2-3 髖關節疾病的診斷-PennHip Technique 12
1-3-2-4 髖關節疾病的手術治療 14
1-4 犬之人工髖關節置換 17
1-4-1 植入物固定系統比較 17
1-5 本文架構 18
第二章:材料與方法 20
2-1 研究流程 20
2-2 犬股骨模型建立 22
2-3 CAD軟體模擬手術 25
2-4 Cosmos有限元素分析 30
2-4-1 材料性質 31
2-4-2 受力、邊界與介面條件設定 33
第三章:結果 36
3-1 完整股骨有限元素分析結果 36
3-2 術後股骨與植入物之有限元素分析結果 39
第四章:討論 44
4-1 Amira模型的建立 44
4-2 有限元素分析部分 46
第五章:結論與未來展望 49
5-1 結論 49
5-2 未來展望 49
參考文獻 50
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指導教授 鄔蜀威、林上智
(Shu-Wei Wu、Shang-Chih Lin)
審核日期 2007-7-21
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